Five Online Games You Should Encourage Your Kids To Play

June 12, 2024

Online games get a bad reputation from lots of parents. We often view them as harmful or damaging things that disrupt a child’s development. This typically stems from a very specific type of online game like Call of Duty or Fortnite where children are exposed to violence or toxic online communities. 

To be fair, if you see some of the stuff that happens in certain video games, it is enough to put you off them for life. 

However, this is a pretty unfair view of all online games. Some are more than suitable for kids – if anything, you should be actively encouraging your children to play them! That sounds like an absurd thing to say, but after seeing the games we ave selected for you below, it starts to make a lot of sense. 


You cannot go wrong with letting your children play online chess. This classic board game has been around for eons and is widely regarded as one of the most beneficial games of all time. It helps your children get better at solving problems or seeing things from different perspectives. They develop improved logical reasoning and memory retention skills. Few games exist that are solely beneficial without any negative aspects. 

If your kids want to take chess seriously, they can play it online against other people of similar abilities. We completely understand if this worries you, in which case they are better off playing online against a computer. Games like this are perfect as they pass the time to keep your child occupied while they genuinely learn good skills. We would go as far as to say that a young child who spends their early years playing chess will go on to achieve more throughout their years in school. 


Some of you may have heard of Codenames as it was a popular game during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns. This is available as a traditional board game, though it is genuinely better when played online. Your child can create a game with you or their friends and they all enter a room together. It is completely free to play, though it is usually suitable for children aged 10 or up. Some kids younger than this might be able to enjoy it; it depends on how good they are with words and making connections. 

The game concept is pretty unique and there is nothing else like it. You will get a 5×5 grid of cards, and each card has a word on it. Players are split into two teams – red and blue – with each team having a spymaster. The other players on the teams are “operatives” who have to guess the words based on the spymaster’s clues. Only the spymasters can see which cards correspond with which team’s colors – some are not owned by either team and one is black, meaning if someone guesses it their team instantly loses the game. 

From here, the spymasters present one-word clues to try and tie as many of their words together. You might be able to tie two together, or you could get lucky and have five that connect easily. It is a game full of strategy and lateral thinking, which makes it great for children. There is no violence and nothing to worry about; it teaches them new words and helps them solve problems while developing their vocabulary. 


There is a reason Minecraft has been at the top of the gaming charts for the last 10 years or more. It is a game parents should actively encourage their children to play because it harnesses the power of creativity. From a selfish perspective, Minecraft also keeps your kids busy so they give you some space when you need it. We are not saying you should always parent your kids by sticking a video game in front of them, but if you need time to make dinner or do chores, then this is a great game to steer them toward. 

The beauty of Minecraft lies in its simplicity. Your kids will mine blocks, and then use these blocks to make different things. It’s a wonderful way to encourage them to be creative as you watch them make amazing structures and full-blown villages. They can play it with friends or siblings too, so it inspires some good social skills in them as well. 


Stray is a beautiful online game you can download and play on a PC or PS5. It has a wonderful storyline where your child plays as a cat in a post-apocalyptic world. This sounds scarier than it is; the game is largely about roaming the streets as a cute cat, figuring out puzzles, and making it through different levels. 

The cuteness factor makes it a winner with kids but it is the puzzles that earn it a spot on this list. Again, it’s a game encouraging children to expand their problem-solving abilities. The best thing about video games like this is that it teaches your kids new skills without them realizing it. They will play the game for fun, but by the time they finish, they are now experts in all sorts of puzzles! 


Last but not least, encourage your kids to play online sudoku. You will find plenty of websites serving up this game for free – and they let you play sudoku over and over. It is a great game for kids to develop their mathematical abilities – while also enjoying some problem-solving yet again. 

A massive benefit of online sudoku is the way it simplifies the game for children. They can instantly see if they have put a number in the wrong place or get hints when they are stuck. Stuff like this helps them persevere as they slowly get to grips with the game and understand its rules. 

Overall, many online games are beneficial for kids. You should not get into the habit of banning your kids from playing video games as it could genuinely be detrimental to their development. Instead, look for games like the ones above as they benefit children. You’re not encouraging them to play shoot-em-up games or to join toxic online communities; these games are safe, and they teach your child plenty of valuable lessons. 

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