Joaquín’s First Trip (Day 1: Part 1)

Joaquín Alejandro Ledesma
September 11, 2016
While I was pregnant with Joaquín, I saved every single article and blog post in which I stumbled across that had to due about traveling with children. I was determined to start exploring the world with him the second he was born. His baby shower and nursery were both travel-themed and my husband and I...

Learning How To Give Home Tuition: A Guide For Mothers

September 6, 2016
Parents are usually not in the habit of worrying about their kids’ tutoring or homework, at least not until there are complaints from his or her school that he or she is lagging behind in the daily lessons. But according to latest studies, talking to your kids and reading to...

How To Ensure Your Elderly Person Ages Gracefully

August 25, 2016
Elderly people can sometimes prove to be a nuisance. Truth be told, sometimes your grandma can want you around, but you tired of getting tired of taking care of her. Taking care of old people comes along with many other responsibilities. It is like taking care of a small baby...

Gift Options To Help New Parents

August 10, 2016
When it comes to welcoming a new baby into the world the excitement seldom begins and ends with the parents-to-be; friends, family members, colleagues, and even relative strangers will all be caught up in the anticipation too, and it is perfectly natural for those standing on the sidelines to want...

Celebrating National Lighthouse Day With SeaPak

Morris Island Lighthouse
August 4, 2016
If you have been following My Beautiful Adventures, then you would know just how passionate I am about the ocean. Thus, I was elated when SeaPak reached out to me about joining them in support of their partnership with the United States Lighthouse Society by promoting the importance of lighthouse education...