How To Choose A Magician For Your Next Party

August 8, 2018

Are you considering organizing a special event some time soon? A magic show could make it even more memorable. Talented magicians are common in Sydney, so how do you make the right decision?

The first important piece of information is that magic colleges, schools, or universities do not exist in Australia. Self-education and private mentoring are the primary ways in which magicians learn their skills in this country. Despite this absence of formal teaching these entertainers still put a large amount of time and effort into study and training and will spend many years refining their acts. However, the live entertainment industry is mainly in anarchy. Business and marketing skills are equally as important as talent in determining a successful career. For this reason, you should be wary of judging performers primarily on the fees that they charge. A higher fee may not get you superior service.

It is vital that you search sites like YouTube or Instagram for footage of the performer you are considering using to check if you have a taste for it. Magic is in some ways an art-form and therefore people’s opinions will vary. If you cannot find any videos of them, you are almost taking a blind guess. You should search google for their business profile and check the reviews there as it is impossible to censor these unlike the ones on their website which will probably be carefully selected. On Facebook, businesses cannot delete or hide specific reviews, but they can choose to conceal all their reviews. If you cannot see any reviews on their Facebook page, this may be a red light that they have received some horrible criticism and want to hide it. Also, if a Sydney magician displays awards on their website, you should try to verify if they are real by looking up the organizations that gave them.

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