How To Host A Party For Elementary Boys

August 9, 2018

Elementary school is the perfect age. Parents are still considered cooler than girls and life is full of joy. And fewer demographics have more energy than boys of this age! If you happen to parent this creature, you will know that they have diverse interests that change on a dime, fierce loyalties, and boundless resources concerning imagination and play.

With all of those different passions, it is often hard to narrow down party ideas to just one or two which makes it easy to come up with a great party that will keep everyone busy and laughing.

It Is A Water Fight

Theme: It is summertime, so why not consider a double-punch party centered on putting that youthful energy to work and keeping cool?

Games: Options are limitless. From pre-filled water grenades to super-soaker water guns with strategically-placed refill stations, to water-filled piñata-type balloons just waiting to be destroyed.

Food: Do not forget to load up on cool desserts. An ice-cream sundae bar would be perfect for recharging after some serious energy expenditure.


Theme: Most boys today can rattle off the names of video games that they love and Minecraft is a longstanding favorite. Played alone or with their friends as spectators, they spend hours lost in the challenge of creating worlds and defending them. And there are nearly unlimited options for a Minecraft-themed party! Even better, grab your supplies online without ever leaving the house! Discount Party Supply has all of the Minecraft party supplies you need. Everything from inflatable pickaxes to squishy lumps of coal.

Games: You can find all sorts Minecraft-related game ideas that include both an indoor and outdoor setting. There are great high-energy games like Creeper Dodgeball (basic dodgeball but with a Creeper-faced ball). Or you can go traditional with a Ghast piñata. You can even enlist your older kids’ help to make their own pre-party. If you have a calm crew, try downloading free printable “Minecraft Crafting” project for the boys to do at party time. The Internet has done all the work for you.  You just have to see out what it offers and take advantage of it.

Food: Minecraft is all about the blocks and this is a fantastic place to start. Cheese cubes you say? A square cake? The game is also full of different foods kids like that are easy to incorporate into your menu with summertime fruits like raspberries and watermelon, along with cookies, carrots, and even chicken nuggets.

Want Outside with Less Wet?

Theme: Why waste good weather by being indoors? There are a plethora of outdoor options when it comes to summertime partying with enough room to accommodate high-energy kiddos and some are even free! Check with your city about their park policies; some can be reserved which also includes outdoor grills and covered picnic tables.

Games: A quick stop at Amazon or any other online retailer and you will be sure to find a vast selection of outdoor lawn games that are sure to be a hit. If you have become bored with the usual cornhole and horseshoes, think outside the box with Yard Yahtzee, a giant dice set to play in the yard. It even comes with oversized reusable scorecards. Set up outdoor bowling using a beach ball and empty soda bottles filled with sand using pool noodles for the lanes. Make a giant Jenga game with pieces of leftover wood.

Food: Burgers and hotdogs are perfect for this party, and you can put to good use those free grills! Make sure you have plenty of drinks to choose from (do not forget water bottles!) and sides like macaroni salad, sliced fruit, or build-your-own sandwich plates. Instead of cake and ice cream, consider making S’mores using the already-warm embers left over from your burgers! Who does not love gooey-delicious melty marshmallows?

Go Traditional

If it is just a bit too hot outside for safety, it is often easy to rent some rec center space indoors for a few hours.

Games: Your indoor rental might include a climbing wall, swimming pool, or basketball courts.

Food: Eschew the usual cake and ice cream for easily-portable cupcakes. And who does not like to choose their toppings? Let them decorate their own with easy to pack individual bowls containing different flavored frostings and fun cupcake toppers like sprinkles, cookie pieces, and gummy worms.

Every moment counts in childhood; it honestly does go by in a flash. No matter what theme you decide on, take lots of pictures and savor those hugs while they last!

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