Six Tips For A Healthy Bottle-Fed Baby

August 9, 2018

When you have just brought home a new baby, it can be extremely overwhelming. What diapers should you buy, what kind of crib is the best, what about co-sleeping, and on and on!

One of the most difficult decisions is whether or not to breastfeed, if it is even an option available to you. For many mothers, bottle feeding is the only option, whether they were not producing milk from the start or if they stopped producing it just a few weeks after giving birth. And then comes the all-important question: How do I ensure that my baby is as healthy as can be while being bottle fed?”

That is a big question for every new parent who wants or needs to bottle feed, and to get the answers, you have come to the right place! Follow these six tips for bottle feeding to ensure your little one is as healthy as can be:

Always Grab Powdered

Formula is expensive, but concentrated and premixed formula are much, much more expensive than powdered. Powdered formula is no less nutritious than those more expensive, albeit more convenient, options, with only the added labor of scooping the mix and stirring.

Hold Your Baby Close

Skin to skin contact is important for both the parent and the child’s bonding, and it has a whole host of lifelong benefits for your child’s emotional, mental, and physical development. So, make sure to cuddle your little one closely when feeding.

Making eye contact and speaking to her softly also helps this connection between parent and child. And this tip is not only for mother, this is important for the father as well! Plus, snuggling up with your baby just feels good.

Do Not Be Afraid To Mix in Public

A lot of new moms feel judged for using formula instead of breast feeding, but the rest of those new moms feel judged for breast feeding. Everyone is self-conscious when feeding their baby, so just do not let it get to you. The important thing is that you are satisfying their hunger and nourishing them when they need it, not how you do it or what anyone thinks about how you do it!

Grab The Right Bottles

There is not really a science to which bottles will work for your baby, so you will likely have to try a few. However, it is important for your baby’s health to grab the bottle that works best for their feeding styles. So, grab some different nipples with different shapes and hole sizes,and try them all out.

The hole size is important to those who are greedy eaters, as if the hole is too narrow, they will end up gulping down air, which can lead to colic. To prevent colic, you want to get a bottle that does not let too much air in while your baby is gulping. For feeding bottles that prevent gaseousness, there are some great options in this article.

Prepare For Time Away From Home

One thing that you need to be mindful of is how much food your baby needs and how often. If you are going somewhere, be sure to bring enough formula, bottles, and bottle bags to keep them fed for however long you are out. A healthy baby is one who has a full tummy.

You may even want to bring one or two bags extra, or some dry mix and bottle bags, just in case! Babies are not always consistent, so preparing ahead of time for those unexpected bouts of hunger will go a long way for your little one and your sanity.

Also keep in mind that your baby will want her milk warm, so invest in insulated bottle carriers if you do not have a way to heat the milk wherever you will be.

Dad Can Help Too

Dad can get some bonding time with his new baby in, too! This is always a blessing — he will get to bond more and you can get a break when you need one. Just ask any mother, even a few minutes of you time is hard to come by with an infant.

This father-child bonding is just as important for your little one’s healthy development. Whether you are going back to work or simply need a nap, Dad can keep him or her fed, happy, and make the critical bond with his child while letting you put up your feet.

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