Making The Changes In Your Home For A Baby

February 21, 2017

Getting ready at home in preparation for the new arrival is exciting! New parents are anxiously waiting a baby are impatient. In the last few months of pregnancy, you are probably making some drastic changes to your life and home. You are stocking up on nappies, clothes, and baby equipment. Although preparation is tiring you, you just want everything to be perfect. Here are some tips on what you can do to get prepared for that bundle of joy soon to come home:

Preparation For A Newborn

There is so much to think of — from car seats to cradles — the list seems endless! In all honesty, most parents who have a baby the second time around buy a lot less. For a newborn, there are some items, which are necessary to get ready. The essential items include a cot, a car seat, a pram, appropriate clothing, diapers, baby soap or shampoo, a baby bath tub, baby oil, and plenty of extra sheets and blankets. Clothes should be kept to the minimum, as they outgrow them so quickly. You will find that the majority of clothes you buy never get worn. If you plan on breastfeeding then still have a few bottles and a bottle sterilizer on hand in case you need to switch to bottle feeding.

You might be preparing a nursery or you might be sharing a bedroom. Newborns sleep a lot of the time, so having space which is relaxing, quiet, and comfortable is important. The general rule is to have a plain cot with only a bottom sheet. Extra pillows, quilts, and cot bumpers can be a hazard to your newborn and are not recommended. A pram and a car seat is a must if you plan on going out and getting some much needed fresh air. You might think about investing in a baby swing, which is suitable to use from newborn. These are great and allow your child to watch you while you go about your household tasks. Sleepless nights await you, but endless moments which make you melt also await you.

Preparing For The Infant And Toddler Stage

When your baby reaches the five-month mark, you should start thinking about making your home baby safe. You can do this beforehand to be prepared. Your little one will want to crawl and move around. You should have an ample floor space in your home for your baby to explore. Make sure you have a soft carpet or rug underneath. Babies have a tendency to roll and topple over. After all, they are still learning to control their body.

Once the crawling begins, this is where the hard work begins. Your child will want to get into everything and doors will be opened, furniture will be climbed upon, and most likely toilets and rubbish bins will have to be explored. If you want to make your life a little easier, there are a few things you can do to make your home toddler safe.

Baby gates are perfect for sectioning off rooms. This way you can get on with your chores and know your child is playing safely in one area. Safety locks catch and door stoppers are a must. From drawers to fridges, everything will now be on lockdown. Your child will start pulling themselves up on furniture, so screwing everything and anything to the wall is a good place to start. Get rid of dangerous things immediately.

Buying The Right Equipment

When it comes to buying all the right equipment, it can be overwhelming!

Baby swings, baby walkers, and baby bath tubs are also essential items that you need to consider. These all need to be safe, comfy, and easy to use, because you will most likely be using them every day. If you wish to go shopping or traveling with your bundle of joy, you should consider having one of the best baby carriers available online. Reading up on reviews before purchasing items is a good way to find out what is good about them and what is not. Slowly, but surely, you can create a safe space for your child to grow up in. As with everything, it just takes time.

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