Six Ways You Can Reduce Carcinogens In Your Body

August 8, 2018

The food we take and the kind of environment we live in expose our bodies to toxic substances. These toxins expose us to various health risks such as the risk of getting cancer. That is why it is important to try and get rid of these chemicals as much as we can. The following are six ways you can follow to reduce carcinogens in your body:

Regular Exercise

Due to the presence of fat cells in the body, toxic chemicals are likely to build up within these cells. You need to aim at breaking down these fat cells so as to remove toxic chemicals from your body. Engaging in regular exercise is one of the most effective ways of shedding these body fats. Ensure that your schedule includes a training program to keep your body healthy.

Switch To Organic Foods

The type of food we eat can have a significant effect on the level of carcinogens present in the body. You need to switch to a healthier diet such as taking organic foods. Some of the foods you should consider include vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy. Such foods will help you to reduce your body’s exposure to hormones and pesticides. The reason is that organic foods are produced without the use of antibiotics or pesticides.

Avoid Tobacco Smoking

Tobacco contains nicotine, which displays carcinogenic properties responsible for lung cancer. Experts encourage people to try and avoid inhaling tobacco, because it is a major cause of deaths around the world. If you are unable to stop smoking, try e-cigarettes, as they help to reduce the urge of smoking tobacco. You can get professional assistance by visiting

Improve The Quality Of Air In Your Home

Air pollution has a huge effect on the level of carcinogens in the body. Since we spend a lot of time in the house, it is important to focus on making the indoor air cleaner. Ensure that every item you buy for your house has low levels of VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds. It is good to also ensure that there is free flowing and clean air by opening windows. This will ensure that clean air enters your rooms and toxic air is removed.

Avoid Canned Foods

Canned food are considered Persistent Organic Pollutants, which can stay in a person’s body for close to a century. This exposes your body to bigger health risks, because the antioxidant reserves are depleted. You should avoid canned foods even if they are organic. It is advisable to eat fresh foods direct from the market.

Be Careful About The Kind Of Beauty Products You Use

The kind of chemicals contained in makeup and other beauty products can be very harmful to the body. Most of the products in the market today contain triclosan and phthalates, which can cause various health risks. According to medical experts, you should only use makeups that contain natural ingredients. This will ensure that your body is not at risk of contracting diseases caused by such toxins.

Take care of your body by following these tips!

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