The Bahamas: Day 6

March 28, 2011
Despite not going to sleep until around 8AM, I forced myself to get up at noon since it was our last day.  We decided to head back into Nassau to do some last minute shopping for my Mom, as she could not join us on the trip. Unfortunately, we arrived...

The Bahamas: Day 5 (Part 4)

March 24, 2011
While the Alice and Wonderland ball in itself would have been the perfect way to celebrate New Year's Eve, I had insider's information that the best way to celebrate the holiday in the Bahamas was to attend Junkanoo in downtown Nassau.  Junkanoo is the pride and joy of the Bahamians. ...

Planning the Bahamas

March 9, 2011
Not many people know that I consider the Bahamas to be my second home.  Growing up, my parents were completely enchanted with the country and we would visit sometimes three times a year.  At first, we would always stay in Nassau, however as Paradise Island began to develop, we crossed...