Seven Days In Spain Itinerary

Barcelona, Spain
September 20, 2021
A Spain trip is a meeting with the sun, sea, good food, hospitality, and joy of life. It is an opportunity to discover rich cultural and historical heritage, traditional folk festivals, and to enjoy the magnificent scenery. Of course, a week is not enough to see everything in this marvelous country, but...

Your Eastern Utah Itinerary: Dramatic Scenery And Amazing Activities In Moab

September 17, 2021
Placing Eastern Utah into your bucket list of places to go opens you up to some of the most beautiful scenery alongside the rest of Utah. Moab is in the South East of Utah and the county seat of Grand County.  Moab is a name that is ancient and biblical,...

Top 5 Day Trips in and around Querétaro, Mexico

September 17, 2021
Mexico boasts one of the world's most dynamic and fascinating civilizations. We need more time to experience different diversities, from antique civilizations and biodiversity to regional cuisine.Queretaro is an ideal destination for international travelers or people working from home who want to experience something new while they have the opportunity.Queretaro has...

Top Travel Destinations For Cannabis Lovers

September 16, 2021
Cannabis is a plant that originated in the Far East and is now grown all over the world. It has been used for many centuries as herbal medicine, as well as a recreational drug. The most common use of cannabis today is to relieve pain from conditions such as cancer,...

Traveler’s Guide: Three Of The Best Ways To See The Great City Of Chicago

September 16, 2021
Known as “the Windy City", Chicago, or Chi-town to some, is the third-largest city in the United States and home to more than 2.6 million residents.  This is a city that stands as a landmark to the midwest and is often considered a gateway to the west as the once...