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Creating Timeless Memories With Pencil Style Drawings From Your Photos

March 21, 2024
Pencil style drawings offer a unique and timeless way to preserve special moments captured in photographs. Through the skilled hands of talented artists, these drawings transform ordinary images into captivating works of art, brimming with emotion and detail. Whether it is a portrait of a loved one, a picturesque landscape,...

Baroque Portraits: Unveiling The Soul Through Opulent Realism

August 13, 2023
Baroque portraits stand as captivating windows into the past, offering a glimpse into the lives, personalities, and aspirations of the individuals who lived during this dynamic period. Characterized by opulent details, dramatic lighting, and an exploration of psychological depth, Baroque portraits transcend mere representation to become artistic reflections of the...

Paul Gauguin Influential Paintings

June 8, 2022
Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin was a world-renowned French Post-Impressionist artist, printmaker, and sculptor. Although famous for his experiments and painting innovations, he is mainly remembered as an icon of artistic liberty which gave up everything else for his artistry.  Gauguin's style influenced numerous avant-garde techniques from the late 19th century...

Fun Ways To Capture Childhood Memories Through Art

October 20, 2021
We all know how many of us wish we could go back to our childhoods, that time when we didn’t have to worry about bills and adult stuff and the biggest cause of stress in our life was school. Even though we cherish that phase in our lives a lot,...

Best Ways To Decorate Large Blank Walls In Your Living Room 

Artwork In Home
June 21, 2021
Fixing up blank walls can be tough, especially when the walls are large. The living room is one of the essential parts of every home. It is often the biggest, and it is usually the first point of attraction for most guests.  Dealing with large walls in your living room...