Fun Ways To Capture Childhood Memories Through Art

October 20, 2021

We all know how many of us wish we could go back to our childhoods, that time when we didn’t have to worry about bills and adult stuff and the biggest cause of stress in our life was school. Even though we cherish that phase in our lives a lot, sometimes the photos and toys, our favorite blankets and even the dishes we liked best get lost with time. 

All this might make you want to make sure the childhood memories of your children don’t meet the same fate, and things like their favorite toys and drawings don’t meet the same fate. 

If that’s the case, keep reading for some awesome ideas for preserving childhood memories through art.

A Customized Portrait 

Whether it’s your own childhood memory that you want to see remade or your child’s, custom portraits might be a genius idea. If you have a torn or slightly damaged photo, or if you wish to have your picture taken with younger you, or someone who isn’t alive anymore, you can send in a request for a custom portrait that includes all these things in it. 

With services such as Instapainting, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. Plus you can choose from a range of art styles, mediums, and sizes. 

Scrapbook for Their Art 

A lot of kids love to draw and write things on paper, and there may be school projects and other drawings that are important – like the first time they wrote the full alphabet without help, or when they drew a particularly funny drawing of their parents. 

These things can be really meaningful with time, and creating a scrapbook or a photobook for their art is a great way to preserve these things. 

What’s great is that you can print out a whole range of photos to add to the scrapbook, and include little notes in it for your kids to read in the future too. 

A Time Capsule 

If you have a family home, you can bury a time capsule in the backyard, only to be opened in a decade or two. With time, you can even turn the opening of the capsule into a party or a get together. 

What you decide to put in the time capsule is totally up to you, but it can be anything from favorite toys to messages you want to give yourself or your kids in the future. 

A T-shirt Quilt

Kids often outgrow a lot of their t shirts, and not all of them are just clothes. Things like band uniforms and t shirts from any sports teams a kid joins, plus any t shirt that’s special in your eyes because of a memory can be used to make a quilt to keep you warm. 

It can also be a great going away present for your kids when they leave for college. 

Christmas Ornaments 

Every family has its own Christmas ornaments that are meaningful and special in their eyes. Things like tiny toys, favorite rocks, special pieces of jewelry and many others can be turned into ornaments for the Christmas tree. 

You can do this either by placing them in a clear ornament or sticking a thread on the trinket with a hot glue gun.

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