The Benefits And Importance Of Outdoor Play In Early Childhood

July 15, 2021

Nowadays, kids spend most of their time using phones, laptops, television, and tables. Recent studies have shown that kids spend on average seven hours per day with their beloved electronic devices. From the statistics, indeed, today’s kids are rarely involved in outdoor activities which will cause serious consequences on their health and overall childhood development.

Most parents would agree to see their kids be physically healthy, independent, and fit. What if we told you, these qualities can be achieved by inspiring them to spend time outside.

Encouraging kids to spend more time outdoor and keep distancing from technology aids their physical strength and boosts their emotional and intellectual health. Let’s see the benefits with the specific section below:

Top Five Benefits Of Outdoor Play In Early Childhood

  • Improve Motor Skills

Outdoor play provides more advanced motor skills among kids than those who stay inside most often. Since, kids play with their outdoor playhouses, running, walking, cycling, and crawling they achieve more ability on movement. Besides, when kids are outdoor, they often have free space to run, jump, swing, throw, and do other physical activities. So, they become more confident and creative with the outdoor environment. To extend more fun, you can buy an outdoor playhouse for both big and small kids.

  • Increase Openness With Parents And Friends

When kids play indoors, they often have a small space to play and compete with other children such as classmates, siblings, friends. In addition, there are fewer opportunities for openness and kids get intimidated louder indoors. On the contrary, when kids spend time outdoors, they get less overwhelmed because of the less confined space and openly enjoy competing with fellows. Moreover, they can scream, laugh, talk louder being outside from home which brings openness to their mind and they can show it to their parents and friends.

  • Develop Self-awareness

Kids who play outdoor are more likely to develop critical thinking skills and have more observing capacity. When children spend time outside, they observe and discover new things that are related to our life so, they get aware and start understanding the concept of “cause and effect” when someone explains.

  • Improve Social Awareness

Not only kids who play outside improved at a peer-to-peer relationship but also their social awareness increase as well. Recent studies have found that kids who play outside are less likely to bully others. Besides, outdoor play requires teamwork and affiliation from each other so, they get more socially active and understanding the value of togetherness. Of course, they sometimes argue with peers but it is a common issue of togetherness and it is always better than spending time with electronic devices.

  • Improve Muscle And Physical Strengths

Playground activities can develop muscles strengths as they actively play on the grounds and playing with toys like scooters, bikes, and skateboards. Moreover, by going outdoor, kids preventing them from higher risk problems like obesity, asthma, sleep deprivation, heart diseases, and many more. Exposure to sunlight and fresh air boosts their physical strengths and it has also shown benefits on children with ADHD.  

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