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A Massive “Under” Taking: What To Consider If You Want To Build A Basement

March 9, 2020
Image by anyta111900 from Pixabay As a way to get valuable real estate, a basement can add so much to a property. In a practical sense, it is another room to the property which can increase the value of the place, but it is also a room with infinite possibilities. But when you...

Five New Things To Do With Your Basement

January 17, 2020
Underneath your home, there is a story that you have not done much with. It is your junk space, your laundry room: your empty basement. It is sitting there, a good piece of your real estate, and why? You are afraid of spiders! No, really, it is because there was...

Six Tips To Turn Your Basement Into A Fun Living Space

January 11, 2019
There are countless reasons why you should turn your basement into a fun living space. The basement is nearly as large as the rest of your house, so it is more or less a renovation project, which is just waiting to be started.  And there is so much you can...