A Massive “Under” Taking: What To Consider If You Want To Build A Basement

March 9, 2020
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As a way to get valuable real estate, a basement can add so much to a property. In a practical sense, it is another room to the property which can increase the value of the place, but it is also a room with infinite possibilities. But when you think that you could very easily install a basement in your home, you have another thing coming! There are numerous things that you have to consider before setting up a basement, but what are these?

Making It Drain

If your waste pipes are not running along the foundation of the property you might need to install a discharge pump. There are plenty of sewer service companies that can help with this, but you have to remember that one of the main considerations when installing a basement in the property is if you live somewhere that is prone to tremors and earthquakes, which can be troublesome if your pipes are not running the water away from the property and will cause serious water damage. You have got to make the drainage compliant to the code requirements. The best approach is to hire professionals to get this done for you, as it is something that you cannot do yourself without causing some major damage.

The Noise

What are you using your basement for? If it is going to be a playroom or an entertainment space you may want to think about installing sound insulation into the ceiling. Many people use the basement as a place to hang out, but if the noise carries to the room above there is no sense of privacy but it can be very echoey too. You can install all duct system resilience onto the joists and this will reduce the noise from below and above the basement ceiling. 

Can You Escape The Basement Safely?

If you plan on renovating the basement to turn it into another bedroom you have to make sure that there is a window opening large enough for people to get through it. You can do this by cutting into the foundation and creating a well for the window. You also need to consider that in a practical sense if the stairway is blocked and there is a major emergency, like a flood, the person needs to get out safely. Planning escape routes and outlets are not just common sense, but they are part of the building code.

Preparing For Future Renovations

The basement is going to be the foundation of the home and so this means that if you plan on making any renovations, not just to the basement, but to the rest of the home, you will need to use the basement as a conduit for electrical circuits or make sure the space is able to run disposal pipes through them.

A basement is not just an extra room in the property, however it can be a perfect way to make your home more valuable. But it can also be one of those areas that are not particularly safe. Make sure that you prepare adequately and it can be one of the best rooms in the home. 

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