Five New Things To Do With Your Basement

January 17, 2020

Underneath your home, there is a story that you have not done much with. It is your junk space, your laundry room: your empty basement. It is sitting there, a good piece of your real estate, and why? You are afraid of spiders! No, really, it is because there was not anything you could imagine doing with the space.

Today that changes. We have five new things that you could be doing with the empty space. Sure, you may have to think about flood damage cleanup and clearing out the junk, but that does not mean that the basement does not have potential. You do not have to be a clutter keeper; let us look at five ways you can make your basement the space to be in!

  • A Huge Family Room

Yes, you may have a living room upstairs, but so what? A huge family room where you can have it focused on the family, not just the guests in the house, is what you need. The toys can live in the family room, not the living room. You can have the mismatched cushions and squashy couches with the low-lying table. You can also have a bigger TV! The basement will have the space you need for the kids to run around, too!

  • An Extra Suite

Do you get a lot of guests overnight at your house? Well, the basement bedroom could be the smartest build you ever do. Adding a bedroom with an en suite shower room can be the easiest way to have people stay over, without cluttering up the sofa in the living room. It is also an excellent way to give your teenager a little space and independence while keeping them under the same roof.

  • Build Your Own Club

You do not have to go anywhere to get your party on! Install a disco ball, add a dance floor, and away you go. You do not need to use your basement for something practical if you do not want to, and if you love to socialize, but do not want to leave the kids, this is a perfect medium. Just be aware you cannot sell any drinks, so make it a bring your own bottle club!

  • Games Room

From old school arcade machines to a pool table and bar, you can have your own space to play games. You can choose how much cash you want to spend on this space, and you can make it as child-friendly or adult-friendly as you like. You can even buy a rug in the style of Twister; how fun would that be?

  • A Work Space

Your basement is likely going to be large enough for a computer desk and chair, so why not make your basement an office and a place you work from home? You could even fit in a copier and a meeting table if you are building a business. Your basement will fit everything you need, and you can also add a ton of light — and windows — to enable you to work better. 

Your basement needs a makeover, so why not start now?

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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