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Countries Every Cannabis Lover Should Visit

March 23, 2022
For cannabis lovers, it can be challenging to travel from one country to another looking for weed. The travel plan can be even more tricky since not all places allow the use of cannabis products. For this reason, they need to know that cannabis is legal.  It may not be...

Five Mistakes Cannabis Beginners Should Avoid

February 2, 2022
The industry of cannabis is growing all the more popular. Its legalization has assisted its rise to popularity, helping the industry get more attention and more users. Since its legalization, many have been enticed to try it. Globally speaking, in 2020, the marijuana industry amounts to $20.85 million and is...

Could Cannabis Help Depression: The Surprising Answers Revealed

December 12, 2018
There are now many people who are diagnosed with different kinds of depression. And with cannabis being a possible treatment, it makes people a question: How effective is this compound in treating the mental disorder? Because of the limited research on this topic, it can be quite confusing. Some people...