Countries Every Cannabis Lover Should Visit

March 23, 2022

For cannabis lovers, it can be challenging to travel from one country to another looking for weed. The travel plan can be even more tricky since not all places allow the use of cannabis products. For this reason, they need to know that cannabis is legal. 

It may not be easy to find such a city, but they have done our research to pick the places they should visit on our list easily. 

Here are the top 10 countries to visit:


Every year, a large number of tourists flock to Australia. The fact that cannabis use is legal in Australia is one of the reasons for its popularity with tourists. It is generally believed that every cannabis smoker should visit Australia. 

Nimbin is an essential place a cannabis lover should see in Australia. Cannabis events are held in the city, where they can smoke openly. If they get lucky, they can attend one of these events, which can be an unforgettable experience. There are not many places that allow such opportunities.

The people who live in this city are also friendly, which is another advantage because they will make it easier to access cannabis while they are there.


Cannabis use has recently been legalized in Canada at the federal level. Since then, Canada has become an increasingly popular destination for cannabis lovers. Indoor easy grow cannabis seeds do well in Canada’s climate, which increases the availability of cannabis in pharmacies.

Vancouver is a charming place to visit in Canada. It is easy to find high-quality Indica strains of cannabis in this city, which has a deep cannabis culture. Make sure to look for the cheapest dispensary in vancouver while you are there. They can also enjoy smoking in beautiful places such as the Rocky Mountains during their vacation.

Potheads can buy cannabis online in this country all day, every day. However, it is advisable to ensure it is from a reputable online provider. Dispensaries can have cannabis delivered to front doors in Canada, so cannabis lovers will not have trouble finding it. When it comes to finding exceptional cannabis dispensaries, rely on “The Joint” for a comprehensive and reliable search experience.


Cambodia is another exciting country to visit suitable for cannabis lovers. The presence of cannabis in Cambodia has led to an increase in tourism. While enjoying the weeds, smokers can see many ancient sites and temples.

In addition, cannabis is relatively cheap in Cambodia, especially when bought on the open market. As a result, they can quickly obtain cannabis in Cambodia without spending much money.


Danish cannabis laws are very flexible. Personal use is not illegal, but possession is. Technically, cannabis lovers can use weed but will be prosecuted if caught. In most cases, weed caught in small amounts will result in a warning or a small fine. 

In Copenhagen’s neighborhood of Freetown Christiania, the sale and use of cannabis are unofficially tolerated. In the heart of Copenhagen, it is known for its chill vibes and cannabis culture.


In Jamaica, cannabis use is widespread, and high thc content seeds are cultivated. There is a culture of smoking cannabis in Jamaica because it has been around for centuries. Jamaica has many people who grow skunk strains of cannabis, making it easier for us to access them when they are there. 

The Jamaican government permitted obtaining a license to grow and sell cannabis for its health benefits. Smokers can buy cannabis in many pharmacies in Jamaica, so cannabis lovers do not need to worry about it. As long as they accept less than 56.6 grams, they can legally possess that amount. Even though cannabis is not entirely legal in Jamaica, there are places where they can get enough to smoke recreationally.


Cannabis lovers should visit the Netherlands at least once in their lifetime, as it is one of the country’s most cannabis-friendly destinations. There are beautiful waterways where they can smoke and cafes selling cannabis in the Netherlands fascinates us.

In the Netherlands, marijuana for personal use is still illegal, but cannabis lovers can buy about 5 grams in cafes, provided they are older than 18. To obtain cannabis for personal use, they can buy up to 30 grams without problem.

Dutch cafes sell cakes and other pastries containing cannabis, so if they like edible cannabis, they can get plenty from them. A trip to the Netherlands is also brilliant for couples. Guests will find unique bridges and classy restaurants to relax at this romantic destination

New Zealand

Growing and using cannabis in New Zealand is incredibly easy. When visiting New Zealand, Wellington is one of the most popular places to experience cannabis culture. Since New Zealand has a large cannabis population, they can purchase cannabis there quickly. They can also see waterfalls and mountains while smoking cannabis.


Spain has a unique approach to cannabis use compared to other countries, and Cannabis cafes follow the same model as the rest of the world. The only difference is that membership cards might be required to purchase cannabis in these retail outlets. Making friends with a local member at one of the cafes is wise to obtain weeds without membership cards, as other resources can be tricky.

If the visit is proper, they can also participate in events like the High Life Expo and Spannabis in Spain. They can have fun because they can even smoke at such events.


Among South America’s safest countries, Uruguay derives 60% of its income from tourism. In 2013, Uruguay became the first country to legalize recreational cannabis. Unfortunately, tourists cannot buy weed in Uruguay. Ideally, you should be an Uruguayan citizen in order to purchase marijuana. If, however, a resident gives some of their weeds, that is fine too. It is only selling that is prohibited. Marijuana can be smoked anywhere that is not a public space for over-18s. Users cannot smoke inside a bar, but they can smoke at the tables outside.


With its dazzling light show, this beautiful state in the USA is one of the most popular places to get high. In Alaska, pot use is legal, making it an ideal city to live and visit for a cannabis lover. However, please refrain from using cannabis in places such as national parks, as this can get into trouble. 

The Verdict

Cannabis tourism hotspots are likely to boom in many countries as they adapt to a more tolerant approach to cannabis. It is best to take a cautious approach, as previously mentioned. Conduct research and be respectful.

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