Five Mistakes Cannabis Beginners Should Avoid

February 2, 2022

The industry of cannabis is growing all the more popular. Its legalization has assisted its rise to popularity, helping the industry get more attention and more users. Since its legalization, many have been enticed to try it. Globally speaking, in 2020, the marijuana industry amounts to $20.85 million and is estimated to reach $94 billion in 2026. This is mainly due to so many stores launching, whether it be physical, or online like Canna Cabana, which sell a variety of products from tasty edibles in various forms to electric dab rigs, as well as many other marijuana-related products. Despite its increasing popularity, newbies may not know to dip their toes. There are a plethora of cannabis-related accessories available to assist you on your cannabis journey. It is not rare for newcomers to make mistakes, but I will list some of the most common ones below to help you avoid making the same ones.

Not Understanding Strains

A common newbie mistake is the lack of knowledge when it comes to cannabis strains. Sativa and Indica are two of the three strains. Indica hails from India and provides a relaxing sensation to its users while sativa comes from Southeast Asia, Central, and South America and gives a more energizing feeling when used. Cannabis users say that sativa makes your head feel high while Indica makes your body high. Knowing the difference helps you choose what you need at a specific time. For example, you would not want to try sativa when you want to fall asleep.

Edibles Over Smoking

It is preferable to cook cannabis before taking it rather than simply smoking it. If you want to genuinely enjoy the experience of being high, edibles may be a good option for you. Cannabis extract and active components can be used in a variety of baked goods, including cookies, brownies, and even candies. Edibles allow you to gradually become high and even prolong the effects, whereas smoking causes you to become high immediately and the effects may endure for a shorter period of time. Because the effects of edibles take longer to manifest themselves, they can be risky for beginners, as you may end up consuming more than you planned. Learn about alternative to cannabis is Super Speciosa Kratom edibles.

Way Too Much, Too Early

Overindulging in cannabis is also a common blunder made by first-time users. This entails taking another hit immediately following the previous one. If you have not discovered what your tolerance level is, this could be a scary experience. Anxiety and paranoia are common side effects of overindulging. Take it easy on yourself. Wait a few minutes before taking another hit, and most importantly, if you have had too much to consume, try to remain as calm as possible for it will eventually wear off.

Improper Storage

Cannabis storage in an inappropriate manner is yet another blunder to be avoided by beginners. Keeping your weed in a less-than-ideal atmosphere might cause it to become dry and lose its potency over time. If you make a mistake with the potency of your weed, you will lose track of how high you are now experiencing. As I have already stated, overindulging is dangerous, and even worse, you may end up overdosing. Overall, this is a mistake that you should not commit.

It Is Not A Cigar

How many times do we have to remind you that this is not a cigar? According to assessments, a tremendous amount. Among beginners, it is nevertheless normal practice to treat cannabis as if it were a cigar. Keep in mind that you are not intended to inhale marijuana through your lungs. Allowing smoke to permeate your body will not provide you with any pleasure, but will instead cause damage to your lungs. Simply inhale deeply and exhale slowly since THC, the psychoactive chemical responsible for getting high, does not take long to be absorbed by the body.


The mistakes that cannabis newcomers make are frequently harmful, if not lethal in nature. Anxiety, paranoia, lung issues, and overdose are all possible side effects. Always be aware of the tensions or you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Try edibles only after you have been accustomed to smoking cannabis. Also, find your level of tolerance and proceed cautiously. Maintain the safety of your weed so that it does not lose its potency and keep in mind that it takes only a few minutes for the effects to kick in after you smoke it. The majority of beginners make these mistakes, so spare yourself the aggravation and avoid doing them yourself.

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