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Design And Color Your Own Christmas Cones

December 12, 2018
The time has come for one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. Break out your Santa statues, cover the doorways in softly lit garland, decorate your Christmas tree, and burn a gingerbread scented candle. It is time to get your craft on! And, if you have children running...

Ways To Stay Connected With Your Family Whether You Are Near Or Far

March 16, 2018
Your family means a lot to you. However, with hectic schedules and a ton of responsibilities, finding the time to spend with them is not always easy. As quality time with your loved ones is important to staying connected and fostering positive relationships, it is important to find balance. If...

Three Christmas Crafts Your Kids Will Love

December 16, 2016
In my excitement to deck out the house in holiday cheer, I always forget that part of the fun is including the whole family. I like decorating the tree in a very particular way. The kids do help decorate the tree, but to be honest, I usually assign them the part...