Ways To Stay Connected With Your Family Whether You Are Near Or Far

March 16, 2018

Your family means a lot to you. However, with hectic schedules and a ton of responsibilities, finding the time to spend with them is not always easy. As quality time with your loved ones is important to staying connected and fostering positive relationships, it is important to find balance. If time or distance have prevented you from seeing more of your family, these ideas will come in handy.

Use Technology

In previous times, staying connected with family members spread across the world meant sending snail mail or making a phone call. Though both still very common methods of communication, technology has made it easier for you to stay in contact. You can try things like setting up a social media account where you share photos, videos, and content with family members. Another option might be to use telephone services like Skype or Facetime, which allow you to talk with your family via video chat for a more personal connection. Other ideas might include sending emails, videos, or starting a family blog where everyone can send updates and keep in touch.

Have Sleepovers

Do you have a hectic work schedule that only gives you a few weeks off every year? If so, schedule some time off and plan a sleepover with your loved ones. You can pile up on the family bed and watch movies, play video games, and eat snacks. Since you have taken off several days, you can plan a lot of activities you can do together to make the time spent together more fun.

Cook Together

Mealtime is a common staple for families. If you would like to extend the amount of time you share together with meals, you should consider cooking as a family. Cooking together ensures you make meals that everyone likes, teaches the children new skills, and extends your family time. You can find easy to make recipes online and give everyone a job. You will have a great conversation piece once it is time to eat as you can talk about the experiences you had cooking as a family.

Weekend Projects

The weekends are supposed to be all about taking time off to do things you enjoy. However, for most adults, the weekends are days spent completing weekend projects and household chores. You can make these responsibilities a lot easier and more fun to complete by asking your family to pitch in. Allowing the kids to help you clean the car, repair a broken door, or declutter the attic, for instance, can give you quality time together. It also teaches the children imperative life skills they will need to survive once they are an adult.

Take Advantage Of Holidays

National holidays like Christmas, New Years, and President’s Day often symbolize days off for parents and children. When scheduling time off from work to spend with your family, try to schedule it around those times, so you use fewer vacation days, but still get the time you want with your family.

Obligations like work, household chores, and parenting can reduce the amount of time you have in a day to dedicate to your loved ones. Be that as it may, quality time with your family is the single most important step to fostering positive relationships and building stronger bonds. If time or distance have been a factor in your inability to spend more time with your family, these ideas can help you to save time, money, create memories, and teach your children skills that will last a lifetime.

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