Pool Spas: A Crucial Relaxation Tool in Today’s Sedentary Lifestyle

March 16, 2018

Our modern-day lifestyle, though is embedded with the best technology and high-end products, has become entirely sedentary.  Working in front of the computer screen till night shifts, eating at irregular hours, sleeping less and lack of exercising results in poor mental and physical health and lack of focus leading to foul mood. These practices eat away at the quality of life. In the ongoing game of chasing dreams, targets and marketing mandates, we have disconnected from the art of relaxation.

In such scenarios, spa pools aim to bring us back to our innate ability to relax, enjoy the moment thoroughly and positively go about life. Today, more and more people are opting for spa pool treatments that use warm springs to wash the body and to get rid of irritability, health discomforts and other perils of a sedentary life. Other reasons that make this treatment golden for the millennials and senior citizens are discussed below.

  1. Balances mood and induces a state of joy 

A life, packed with sales targets, client meetings, and business tours, saps out all the energy! Moreover, irritability, mood swings, depression and feeling of unworthiness are an obvious by-product. It is essential to take a pause, unwind and sort out life. When the warm water jets gush out from a pool spa washing your body, it helps to clear off toxins and fatigue. A sense of calm prevails, which allows the mind to think clearly and positively. When decisions and thoughts run positive, it leads to joy and happiness.

  1. Helps to enhance your muscle health

The human body is designed to be used vigorously. A lack of it, owing to poor sitting posture and no exercise often leads to poor muscle conditions. Muscle spasms, chronic back pains, and joint pains are a typical result. The recovery program is simple. There are salons today that offer a blend of tissue massage and hot tub treatment as a part of their spa program. Some of the famous athletes opt for this after a crucial game. It helps by taking the stress out of the tissues, releasing muscle stress and improving blood circulation that adds to the overall muscle health.

  1. Your sacred space of me-time 

The rat race and competition reduce all chances of “me-time.” Personal time has its benefits. Missing out on it can result in feeling out of sync. You might also lose track of your dreams, vision, goals, and the sense of you. Pool spa is an excellent way to enjoy me-time. As you are in the tub, you are away from all your office targets, academic and life expectations, and you are all with yourself! You can close your eyes and go onto a meditative state as you soak in the warm waters, mull over the beautiful aspects of life and focus on the way you want to lead life.

Recently, individuals suffering from Fibromyalgia have also said to benefit immensely from water spa treatments. The modern-day life is laden with challenges. As you go about life, shifting your goalposts, actively involved in attaining it all, take few moments to disconnect from the chase and connect with your essence. The spa is one of the many ways in which the side-effects of a sedentary life can be balanced.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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