Think About These Design Considerations While Choosing The Best Window Clings For Your Retail Signage

August 19, 2021

Window decals and window clings have proven to be an effective tool to grab your customer’s attention. People also use them as films on car windows for marketing their brand and business on the go. However, do ensure that you check the state statutes regarding this form of advertisement.

  • An appropriate and viable font size is very crucial. Depending on the location and placement of your cling, decide a proper font size. If you want to keep it on a window along the doorway or pathway, the font size must not be huge.
  • You can choose your window clings as per your application or customize them to fit into your specific requirements.
  • Perforated decals are sophisticated and neat signs that appear black from the inside. They allow visibility from the outside. You specially design its micro punctures to cover 30% of the decal. The display space is around 70%. That’s how these stickers have that idiosyncratic appearance.
  • You can usestatic clings for both outdoor and indoor applications. You can use them for 10-15 times at a stretch, which makes them so popular.

Choosing the right option

When choosing your window graphic, it is important to bear the end use of window clings in mind. The rule is simple. If you want others to see the sign from outside the window, consider going for a clear decal. If you want others to see the decal, go for an opaque decal or perforated decal.

  • If you are looking for some privacy and aesthetically pleasing stuff, consider using frosted window decals.
  • Regarding the dimension of your cling, the ball is in your court. Window graphics that you put on the window or entrance door are 18*12 inches.
  • However, it is crucial to get an accurate measurement of the space for applying the decals.
  • You need to measure it before using blank computer paper pieces for gauging the size that is apt for your store.
  • Experts recommend leaving a minimum of one inch between the cling’s end and the door’s edge to prevent damage.
  • If you want to place clings on a car, you need to take exact measurements to make sure that the signs look exactly the way you want.
  • Experts recommend you order a cling that is at least 3-5 inches bigger on every side. It allows room for installation, especially if it is a curved window.
  • You can easily cut excess cling and decal material with a sharp razor or scissors.

Difference between cling and decal

Well, this is a never-ending confusion for marketers. Decals and window clings are two different types of visual marketing that you employ for changing your retail stores’ outward appearance. Both the advertising forms help you draw new customers and ensure you get repeat customers.

Concisely, window clings are large stickers/signs. You make them from plastic film. They stick to windows on the basis of static electricity. Although they are a regular feature in front windows, you can also use clings on metal or plastic surfaces. They typically last for six months. In addition to window clings and decals, digital signage services can provide even more versatile and engaging marketing solutions to enhance your storefront or car advertising.

Decals are huge, long-lasting graphic stickers. You make them from vinyl and apply them on glass, plastic, wood, or metal.

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