Common Fabric Materials Used in Bed Sheets and Bedding

August 19, 2021

Bed linen is chosen for a long time. So that it does not wear out and fade, you should pay attention to the ratio of fibers and their origin. In addition to decorative properties, health safety is important. Some canvases are breathable or allergic. What fabric is better to buy bed linen from? What to look for, and can you find a universal option for all seasons?

Table of contents:

Types of natural fibers

Types of chemical fibers

Selection Tips

Types of natural fibers

There are four types of them:

Cotton is a popular fiber that attracts by its low price and durability. In the cold season, it is warm to sleep on it, but in summer it is not hot. It is often part of quilted bedspreads. High-quality cotton will last a long time, but inexpensive cotton will shrink after the first wash, the colors will become dull after a while.

Flax is the most durable material. Rough, not suitable for people with delicate skin. After many washes, it will become softer, but it will take a long time to wait. The paint will remain on linen for a long time, will not wash out or fade.

Silk is a lustrous and luxurious canvas. Good quality natural silk is expensive. Soft and cool, comfortable to touch. It is difficult to care for it, it must be delicately washed. It is best to dry clean your silk linen. The best quality silk is produced in Japan. Four hundred types of this fiber are made here.

Wool is used from different animals but in 95% of cases from sheep. To prepare it for the creation of textiles, it goes through several stages of processing. For bed linen, it is used in the manufacture of flannel.

Cotton and linen are plant fibers, silk and wool are animal fibers.

Types of chemical fibers

When creating sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers, they are mainly mixed with natural fibers:

Polyester – made from molten petroleum. Strong and durable textile, does not deform for a long time. Pills do not appear on it. It is waterproof and therefore does not absorb sweat. Sleeping on it is unpleasant in hot weather.

Bamboo fiber has recently been used to make bedding sets. The main plus is its antimicrobial effect. 70% of harmful microorganisms that penetrate this matter are eliminated. Bamboo textiles will last a long time, they are soft and pleasant to the body. Allows the skin to breathe. This is a hypoallergenic material, suitable even for asthmatics.

Tencel is a eucalyptus fiber that feels very soft and velvety like a peach. Smooth, shiny, and silky fabric. Does not wrinkle, does not shrink, has strength. Has all the positive qualities of natural fibers. Tencel bedding is a good choice.

Viscose – Feels like linen or shiny silk depending on the type of processing. Made from cellulose wood fibers. A soft material that is easy to paint in bright, eye-catching colors.

Polyester is a synthetic fiber (made from synthetic polymers), bamboo, tencel, and viscose are artificial (made from natural polymers).

Usually, natural and synthetic fibers are not used in their pure form for the manufacture of bedding. Some of the properties of artificial materials will help the linen retain its shape, color, or elasticity.

Selection Tips

When choosing lingerie, it is worth considering all possible factors and personal wishes:


  • It is necessary to purchase natural fibers or with a small admixture of synthetics – to improve wear resistance. You should not choose sets of 100% synthetic fibers, otherwise unpleasant sensations are provided for the entire time of use.
  • For year-round use, coarse calico or poplin is suitable.
  • If you want density, you need linen, cotton, or bamboo in the composition.
  • If you wish to sleep on a pleasant shiny canvas, it is recommended to choose satin instead of silk. The sensations are similar, but you can take care of it at home, without dry cleaning, and the price is lower.
  • If you are choosing a set for a gift, you should buy linen made of cambric or jacquard. When you have enough money, choose silk.
  • For feather and down bedding, percale is ideal.
  • If you want to feel light, you should choose chintz or loose coarse calico, but you will have to change it often.
  • To create a warm, comfortable bed, flannel or terry cloth is purchased.
  • If your skin is sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, a terry or bamboo cloth is the best choice.
  • For hyperhidrosis, fabrics containing a large percentage of natural fibers are suitable; they absorb moisture remarkably.
  • If you want a long service life of a set, you should pay attention to linen sets. Natural silk, satin, jacquard, and dense high-quality coarse calico are slightly less durable.
  • With a limited budget, you should pay attention to polycotton, chintz, flannel, inexpensive coarse calico.

The choice of bedding sets is not based on a low price or an attractive shade. These qualities are important, but not as important as the fiber composition and the type of weaving. A large number of types will help everyone choose the right one.


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