Straightening? The best solution for your hair

April 1, 2021

Raise your hand if you, to get a smooth and perfect hair like that of the Hollywood divas, have never wasted time, effort, and enthusiasm extricating themselves between brush and hairdryer, straighteners and irons, with the only result of obtaining, in the best of cases, a momentary look, following a massacre of burnt and damaged hair and, in the worst case, no result. Blame the lack of attention paid to hair Permanent straightening treatments, each time different depending on the type of hair.

Goodbye straightener: how to get the perfect smoothie

Goodbye curly: if your intention is to abandon the saucy and curly hair, the professional techniques to become smooth with ironing are different. Which one to choose? There are several methods, each one calibrated on the type of hair and on the results to be obtained. Let’s see them together.

Straightening the hair means acting on its structure, modifying its shape. It is possible to arrive at this result in different ways. On the one hand, there are treatments, such as keratin, not very aggressive and based on substances that nourish the hair and regenerate it, making it softer and silkier. On the other hand, there is the traditional ironing based on thioglycolic acid, which in contact with the hair fiber “disassembles and reassembles” its bonds by acting on the very nature of the hair.

Smooth for everyone?

Straightening is a rather radical treatment, to which to orient yourself if you have rebellious curls or indomitable frizzy hair. It goes without saying that this treatment has contraindications: straightening, altering the hair, should be avoided on thin or sensitive hair that could be damaged and become brittle.

Straightening, keratin without harmful chemical agents such as formaldehyde (now outlawed), repair the hair fibers and guarantees them protection and shine. Goodbye to frizz for the benefit of soft and easily manageable hair, which will have regained all its shine and health.

Variable treatment depending on the length of the hair and their consistency, the straightening “straightening” with keratin has an extended duration over time that can even reach a few months if maintained with the right care and products. The smooth will disappear slowly with the regrowth, reducing in a natural way. There are no risks for already treated hair, after consultation with your hairdresser.

Straightened hair and keratin: the treatments

And it is in fact to the trusted professional that it is good to contact each time for advice on the most appropriate treatment to smooth or straighten your hair. Whether you just want to change your look, or that curls have become a nuisance to manage every day, permanent straightening will come to your rescue calibrated by the skilled hands of those who know the nature of hair and use guaranteed products. In fact, care will be needed if your frizz is due to poor hair care and stress, and it will therefore be appropriate to use a keratin treatment. However, as we have seen, there is not only this technique for straightening hair: from professional straightening to the well-used straightener to the iron, there are so many ways to change your look. At the base of every choice, however, there is the care of the hair: it will in fact be precisely on this factor that the choice of treatment will depend, and at the same time it will be only with the right pampering that the effects of ironing can last over time, ensuring the hair a always look shiny and healthy.

Finally, the qualified hairdresser will once again suggest when and how many times during the year to repeat the selected treatment.

Are you curious about how to get straight and straighten your hair?

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