Crystals As Home Decor

October 6, 2022

The popularity of crystals and quartz as statement home decor has grown significantly over the past few years. This has made it into one of the biggest trends in interior design. 

Crystals, which come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, are the ideal method to produce stunning styling moments in any given space. Although they can be cut and polished into a variety of shapes and sizes, sometimes the raw form is ideal.

In addition to having a stunning and alluring appearance, crystal users claim that they have therapeutic qualities. Considering using crystals to your home interior design?

Here we give our top styling advice on how to use crystals into your home décor, whether you enjoy the holistic qualities of crystals and quartz or just love the look.

How Do Crystals Affect The Energy In A Room?

Crystals are capable of conducting energy (yes, literally), which is why they are used in many electronic devices. With this in mind, it is easy to imagine that they are effective transmission devices in and of themselves. 

I find that putting crystals on display in my home or office space can definitely influence and boost the energy. It is either due to the placebo effect or the crystal itself.

Crystals have a beautiful, sparkling look that creates a lovely aesthetic in any room, which can in itself boost your spirits. Also the knowledge that they are mystical seems to change my mood when I use them there.

It is simple to understand the widespread appeal of these natural beauties given that crystals have been utilized for healing, spiritual ceremonies, and decorating and beautifying people and places.


Types Of Crystals For Different Rooms And Spaces

Picking the right crystal for any given space comes down to what kind of energy you hope to bring in and attract. Each crystal has certain properties it’s associated with, however you should choose the one that resonates well with you.  Here are just a few crystals and their meanings based on color.  But there are so many more you can choose and learn about.

Clear Crystals 

These are highly versatile and can be used for any purpose or meaning. Since they are clear in color, they can work well in a variety of spaces or color schemes. 


Green Crystals 

Are a symbol of healing and restoration. These would be appropriate for bathrooms and gardens. 


Blue Crystals 

Are used for communication as well as confidence. They would work well in your living room, dining room and leisure spaces.


Yellow Crystals 

Signify wealth and prosperity, making them ideal for any room. 


Black Crystals

These are able to block out negative vibes and energy. They’re perfect for home entrances and exit points. 


Red Crystals 

Can bring love making them highly suitable for bedrooms. 


Purple Crystals 

Assist with both creative and spiritual energy. They’re perfect for your office space, be it at home or work.


The Best Areas To Place Crystals In A Room 

Crystals look mesmerizing when they catch natural light so perhaps on your center table. Too much light can cause the natural color of your crystals to fade. Avoid areas with too much sunlight exposure such as your window sill.

Some crystals like amethyst are helpful for sleep, so you can keep that one with you in your bedroom.  Citrine is a prosperity stone, so you’ll want to put that in the back left corner of your space.


Crystals as Travel Companions

Of course crystals can also be kept with you on the go! Whether that is in your daily life or on travel adventures.  Keep a small pocket stone or crystal jewelry with you.  Some great ones to keep you protected during travel are malachite, black tourmaline, amethyst, jasper and more.

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