The Emergence Of Indian Designer Salwar Kameez

October 6, 2022

Salwar kameez is a popular Indian outfit that has evolved over time. Here we will look at the emergence of Indian designer salwar kameez.


Indian salwar kameez is a famous traditional outfit that is worn by women of all ages and classes. Traditionally, this outfit was worn by women of the state of Punjabi, which is why it is also called Punjabi suit. The outfit came as a three-piece comprising the tunic (kameez), pair of trousers (salwar), and a dupatta, a scarf or shawl-like garment draped as desired by the wearer. The Indian salwar kameez has undergone improvement over the years in matters of fabric, design, colors, embellishments/embroidery work, and other details. Keep reading to learn more.

A Brief History Of Indian Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez was introduced in South Asia during the Mughal era in the 13th century. It was introduced by Muslim rulers and was worn by Muslim women. Later, the traditional attire became a regional attire in the entire Punjabi area. Over the years, salwar kameez use spread to other regions and became a popular attire in Indian and Pakistani. Many factors led to the spread of salwar kameez outside Asia. Some main factors that influenced the spread include international trade, immigration, the emergence of Bollywood, the growth of the fashion industry, and the spread of certain religions.

It is worth noting that the traditional salwar kameez was heavily embroidered and was regarded as an outfit for the rich or high-class women. But this changed over time as many people could afford the outfit and wear it on different occasions. So as Indian fashion grew, new designs and styles emerged, suiting all women groups; the young and old, the heavy and slim.

Why Women Like Salwar Kameez

The shalwar kameez design is popular among women due to its versatility and adaptability. This outfit is flexible and can be worn on different occasions and events. Additionally, you can mix and match the outfit with western and even other Indian outfits to look awesome. Additionally, this Indian outfit comes in beautiful colors, print patterns, embellishments, and embroidery work, making wearers look stylish and more beautiful. Women also like this outfit because it is extremely comfortable. They can wear it all day without any complaints. Most importantly, this outfit is suitable for women of all body shapes.

Some Factors That Led To The Popularity Of Designer Salwar Kameez

Many things have contributed to the popularity of Indian designer salwar kameez. First, the internet and the coming of online boutiques have made designer salwar kameez more popular. Another thing is the coming of top designers ready to transform this outfit to serve all women and different occasions. Thanks to designers, there are new designer styles that even non-Asians can wear to look beautiful and feel comfortable. Let us get deeper into this so that you can understand it better.

The Emergence Of Indian Designer Salwar Kameez

As mentioned, the traditional salwar kameez was heavily embroidered and had boring styles. But times have changed, and fashion designers have put in a lot of effort to deliver stylish and modern designer salwar kameez suitable for all women groups. For instance, Masaba came up with a unique designer salwar kameez, which comprised a printed short kurta paired with dhoti pants.

Another designer, Meera-Muzzafar Ali, maintained the same design but chose to pair the short kurta with a churidar. Neeta Lulia and Rocky S also designed extraordinary salwar kameez suitable for wedding occasions. These two designers are well known in the fashion industry, and their designer salwar kameez features unique aesthetics, intricate embroidery, and beautiful embellishments. As a result, brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests prefer their designer outfits when attending Indian weddings, including pre-wedding ceremonies.

Other designers have also worked extra hard to deliver salwar kameez suitable for young millennials or college girls. There is a trending designer salwar kameez style that was adopted by Kareena Kapoor, which includes a body-hugging kurta paired with Patiala pants. Other fashion designers opt for a long body-hugging Kurtis paired with Patiala pants.

It is also worth mentioning the rise of palazzo salwar suits. This trending designer salwar suit features a pair of palazzo pants and can be matched with a short kameez. Alternatively, women can wear the palazzo style salwar with crop tops, short blouses, and even t-shirts. The new trend is versatile and can easily be mixed and matched with western outfits. One can also choose a design based on their personality and the occasion they are attending.

Why Choose Indian Designer Salwar Kameez?

Indian designer salwar kameez comes in a wide range of colors, materials, prints, and styles. So when it comes to buying them, one has varieties to choose from. In the early days, people used to have one three-piece set, but now there are different styles like palazzo suits, Patiala suits, salwar suits, and more. Most importantly, it is now easy to mix and match the designer salwar kameez to achieve a modern and stylish look. For instance, you can buy a palazzo-style salwar and kurta independently. The top and bottom don’t have to match, and you will still look amazing when attending any occasion or going to the office.

Another thing that makes many people choose designer salwar kameez is availability. These outfits are readily available in different physical and online boutiques. The availability of these outfits has been taken a notch higher by the increasing popularity of online stores. These online boutiques offer a wider collection of designer Indian outfits. And buying online is convenient, and the outfits are offered at fair prices. So many people opt to buy designer salwar kameez online.

Final Words

Indian salwar kameez is no longer for Pakistani and Indian women only. The attire is now accepted worldwide, thanks to the new modern salwar styles designed by top designers and brands. Today, there is a wider variety of salwar suit designs ranging from palazzo suits to dhoti suits. As a result, women can easily choose a style that suits their personality, occasion, and even body shape. Buying designer salwar kameez has been made easy by online stores. You can now easily get online, select your preferred salwar suit, and place your order. Most leading online stores have the latest and trending designs. 

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