Electric Guitar VS Acoustic Guitar: Which Guitar Is Ideal For Beginners?

April 20, 2018

Before attending your first guitar lesson, you need to pick a guitar for yourself. Choosing your first guitar is a thrilling process but finding one that is right for your skills is challenging. The process is especially difficult for beginners, who have minimal knowledge about the build, acoustics, wood quality, shape, size and model of guitars. There are thousands of popular guitar models and types. Settling on one just because your rock star god swings it is a bad idea. Each person can have a different guitar need, and you need to assess your options very carefully to find the one right for you.

A Professional Can Help You Make The Choice

If you are about to start private guitar lessons, you should consult your teacher about the make and model of your first guitar. Many teachers help their students try out different guitars in the first day or two. This aids the choosing process greatly. Once you start fiddling with a guitar, you will understand how the instrument responds to your hand movements and how your body adjusts to the weight of the guitar.

Making A Choice For Yourself: Electric VS Acoustic Guitar Pros And Cons

In case you are not going to take private lessons or you know the kind of music you want to play, you might want to go ahead and choose between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar. Each one has their benefits. You should check out Trusty Guitar for evaluating the advantages and drawbacks of each type of guitar for beginners. Learning the instrument gives you tons of options as the guitar is a very versatile instrument and present in most genres. According to seasoned guitarists at MusicCritic.com, buying your first guitar does not mean you have to have the best quality, you just need something that feels good in your hands. A lot of considerations when looking for a good cheap guitar is more to do with your preferences.

Electric guitars: these have slimmer necks. Therefore, beginners often find them easier to handle. Even kids love electric guitars because their slimmer neck designs allow people with smaller hands to master them with more ease. In fact, electric guitars need lesser hand strength as compared to acoustic guitars. Electric guitars need amplifiers and other add-ons that can increase their prices significantly. Contrary to what most people assume, electric guitars are not just for playing metal. Beginners can learn rock, soft rock, and even the blues using electric guitars.

Acoustic guitars: learning to play an acoustic guitar can be a little more challenging considering the hand strength and grip strength necessary. However, they are a cheaper investment as compared to even the most basic electric guitar models. They do not require any additional equipment most electric guitars need. Most acoustic guitar players find it easier to transition to electric guitars after a time point since acoustic guitars have heavier strings.

Your choice should depend on your interests. If an electric guitar interests you more and you have always dreamt of playing one, you should go ahead and try your hand at one. Playing the guitar is not about strength or hand size. It is about controlling the instrument like an extension of your own body. You need to be able to feel it and play it naturally. It should never feel awkward in your hands. You will feel most comfortable playing the guitar you truly love. So always pick one keeping your likes, dislikes, and interests in mind.

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