Guide To Baby’s First Vacation: Three Much Needed Travel Tips

April 20, 2018

Although, it is really no laughing matter, because it is entirely true, it has been said that vacationing with a baby is surely a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron. How can you possibly hope to get that R&R you so need with a baby in tow? Kids, in general, are trying on the nerves when it comes to a family vacation, but an infant or toddler is that much more difficult. They require constant care and monitoring, thus if you have any hope of enjoying a bit of time away from home, you will need a few tips from this Guide to Baby’s First Vacation:

1. Plan And Pack In Advance

Once you have chosen a destination and the accommodations you will be staying at, it is time to start planning and packing for baby’s needs. Some families choose vacation cottages where they can enjoy all the comforts of home (or most of them anyway), but usually in a much smaller environment. If you are going to be staying in a hotel, do not forget to bring a Pack ‘n’ Play along to keep your baby safe in an unknown environment. It can also dub as a nighttime crib or a playpen if you intend to spend time on the beach or in a local park. From formula to diapers and even baby’s favorite blanket, everything should be accounted for.

2. Remember To Keep Your Levels Of Stress Down

If this is the first time you are traveling with a baby, you are probably stressed to the max. Now imagine just how much more stressful this journey into the unknown will be for the baby. All the sights and sounds around your little one will be new and his or her senses will be assailed by almost everything that they are not yet comfortable with. Babies react to mom’s moods, so do not compound their stress by adding your own to the mix.

3. Stick to Your Normal Routine

If you do not yet understand the importance of routine and structure in a child’s life, check out the Parent.Guide website to read an assortment of guides on childrearing. If structure and routine are important when at home, imagine how much more important they are while traveling. Everything around them is new and so they will automatically feel much less secure. Do you know anyone with a baby cries whenever they cannot see mommy in the room with them? This is much the same. Babies are often out of their comfort zone when traveling and you must do everything in your power to keep things regular and routine.

Finally, understand that it is good for the baby to become familiar with new experiences as long as you help keep their stress levels to a minimum. If you take a family vacation once or twice a year, you will want the baby to feel safe vacationing with mom and dad and some doctors believe that early exposure to travel is the best way to accomplish this. Plan and pack early, check and check again to make sure you have thought of everything, and research stores near where you are going because it is a given that you will miss something. You really can have fun traveling with a baby if you plan ahead!

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