Three Age-Appropriate Gift Ideas For Your Adult Child’s Birthday

April 19, 2018

As your child turns from being a kid to a grown-up, buying a gift for their Birthday can become a challenging task. Adult children are far less easy to shop for. You cannot merely give them a chocolate bar or an RC toy from the thrift store and get away with it. As a result, you may have lost the hope and settled with a gift card, clothes, or cash. We thought that we should step in to end the struggle and share with you a few gift ideas that are bound to make your child jump up with joy or at least appreciate your efforts!

From a feature-rich smartphone to a recipe delivery service — yes, a delivery service — these quality gifts will put a smile on your child’s face.:

The Latest Smartphone

With adult children doing so many things on their smartphone (from homework to research to having news and weather at their fingertips), it is smart to get one of the latest models wrapped up as a present. We recommend the following: the newest iPhone X, the older-but-still-decent Samsung Galaxy S8, and and the Huawei Mate 10, for the budget conscious. Parents can also throw in quality phone cases & screen protectors if their adult children have broken a screen or two in the past. The latest screen protectors come with cutting-edge technology that reduces scratch visibility, increases impact-absorbing strength, and minimizes dust resistance. Your grown child will appreciate the fact that you have gone out of the way to please them when a case and protector are accompanying the smartphone.

Babysitting Offers

Thinking of a unique gift such as an offer to babysit your adult child’s toddler is kind. But expect to surprise them when you slip in babysitting chits in an envelope: notes on a small paper promising anything from a holiday babysit, so the grown-up child can take a much-needed break from the hundred evenings of babysitting in the past few months. If your adult child lives far away from your locality, the chits can be substituted with cash to cover the cost of local babysitters or for a stay-at-home parent in their neighborhood capable of getting the job done. Perhaps you can contact a relative who lives in the same proximity as your grown child and ask them to babysit your grown up’s toddler over the weekend. It’s a present that will keep your adult child’s mind fresh.

Home Cleaning Gift Certificate/Voucher 

We would never advise getting a vacuum wrapped up for your adult child’s birthday. It might get you removed from next year’s celebrations or banished altogether. But if house cleaning is a prominent name on their wish list, you are about to give a gift to a clean freak who will acknowledge your efforts of trying to help. The best gift in this situation is a home cleaning gift certificate. It will enable your grown-up child to build a baseline in which each room in their house is clean at the right time. As much as you value cleanliness in your home, imagine the reaction of your child when you offer the same benefit to him/her as a present.

The takeaway: if you are clueless about what to give your adult child for their Birthday, there is something to be said for the presents mentioned above as they smooth out daily grinds and bring joy to the recipient.

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