How To Learn To Play The Guitar In Lockdown

April 21, 2021

With the lockdown showing no signs of getting over in the near future, stepping out of the house to find a tutor or join physical guitar classes is neither feasible nor safe. But that does not mean you need to let go of your desire to learn the guitar. 

With the right guidance and planning, it is possible for you to teach yourself and master the guitar. Here are some of the best tips to follow, so you can do just that:

Alternative To Stationary Classes

The pandemic forced everyone to stay indoors, causing severe inconvenience to our ways to go about our lives. However, with it came alternatives that have made it possible for us to do most of the things we did before. This includes getting a quality education. 

Like schools and colleges, music coaching centers have shifted online, providing people the convenience to learn from home. If you are looking for a music class to start with, you can start your musical education by finding online tutorials on Youtube or Skillshare where you get access to classes and get to learn based on your convenience. In order to learn the guitar in the most efficient manner possible, you should also consider free guitar lessons for beginners that will provide you with well-structured applicable knowledge to grasp your playing skills on a professional level from the beginning. 

First, you get access to the class’s high-quality content that helps you learn the guitar in the most efficient manner possible. This content mostly includes step-by-step guides and lessons, chord charts and tabs, along with a lot more exclusive material. Second, you get to be in a learning environment that works to your convenience while keeping you engaged along with other students like you. 

Schedule your learning time

If you are going to learn at home, you will have to build the discipline and the habit to keep your practice regular. Go through your daily schedule and find a time that you can devote just to learn the guitar. 

When your allotted guitar practice time comes, you must be ready with your guitar to learn. If you keep this practice consistent, you will soon get into the habit of practicing daily and will not need to look at the clock. 

Keep the guitar in a place where it is fully visible. You could keep it near the entrance to your bedroom or somewhere in your study. If you get busy with another task, seeing it in front of you will remind you to pick it up again. 

If you do happen to miss a day, that is alright. But do not let your break extend any further. Losing practice hours for more than a day or two will only derail your consistency and break your habit. If you are unable to practice during your allotted time, find another time in the day when you can. 

Be Patient With The Basics 

Learning to play the guitar is fun, especially when you can start playing your favorite songs. Learning your favorites is great, but it should not be the only thing you learn. Giving time to learn the basics is extremely important if you want to keep growing as a guitarist. 

Do not jump straight to chords and spend sufficient time learning to play lead. Once your hand starts moving freely over the neck of the guitar and you’re confident with lead, you can progress to chords. 

The basics include hand and body posture, picking, notes, and other such aspects of the guitar. Avoiding your basics will only result in a weak foundation which will stunt your growth in the future. Give yourself the time and patience to learn. You can check these out if you are planning on buying an electric guitar.

Visit more resources online and find all that you need to learn before progressing further. If you have enrolled in a class, you will find all the material already prepared for you in a proper sequence, making your job a lot easier. 

Learn Your Favorites

This is what you must do alongside your lead practice. Learning to play your favorite songs on the guitar is a huge motivation booster that will only encourage you to learn more. To learn more complex songs, you would have to strengthen your lead and chords, making this a great way to keep your progress in check. 

Listen to more music. Listen to more genres. Try to expand your knowledge and experience the different kinds of music. If you find a piece you really like, jump back on your couch with your guitar and start learning it in bits. This is a great way to learn new songs while keeping you close to your purpose — building a greater connection with your interest in learning the guitar. 

Start each practice session with a favorite to warm your fingers and wrists. Then, you can start learning whatever song you wish to. Keep it challenging and progressive to ensure your progress does not slow down.


Learning to play an instrument is one of the best ways to spend time with yourself and build interests. Follow these tips and continue practicing. You will find yourself growing into an experienced guitarist, all while sitting at home. 

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