6 Beautiful and Trending Ghagra Choli for Any Occasion

April 22, 2021

Summer is around the corner and so is the wedding season. Weddings are an integral part of the Indian culture and every woman craves to look their best at these festivities. Ghagra choli is considered to be the most suitable ethnic outfit that every Indian woman cherishes wearing at any festive occasion or wedding function. This trending ghaghra choli dress is usually made with the finest and breathable cotton fabric and this is why it is the most preferred ethnic outfit amongst women for all the daytime and summer occasions and weddings. 


6 Beautiful and Trending Ghagra Choli for Any Occasion


With the detailed and elegant look they portray, these latest ghaghra cholis are the most trendy and loved outfit. A ghagra choli dress comes in various patterns, designs and embellishments that comprise mirror work, stonework, embroidery, zari work and many more. 


However, with this large variety of ghagra choli available, it is obvious that women might feel confused about which type of ghaghra choli to choose. Hence, to assist them in their selection, mentioned hereunder are the 6 most trendy and best ghaghra choli designs to rock every occasion.

Printed Cotton Ghagra Choli

Modern ethnic wear is all about bold and striking prints and cutting out the conventional fashion trends. These printed cotton lehenga cholis are totally opposed to the traditional ghagra choli that were heavily embellished. Set in the vibrant and light cotton fabric, these ghaghra cholis come featuring a vivid display of modern-day prints and out-of-the-box colors and designs. 


These modern designs have made them the most preferred ethnic outfit amongst women who like keeping it simple yet stylish. The prints of these breezy cotton ghagra cholis hold a multitude of prints ranging from modern abstract art to animal print to striking floral prints. The wearer can easily pair this outfit with a choker necklace, studded earrings and flats to finish the look. 

Pastel Shaded Ghagra Choli

In earlier times, women used to prefer dark and deep colours like maroon and red while selecting the ghaghra choli designs. However, in modern times, women have started opting for pastel shaded lehenga cholis and the pastel palette like magenta, light pink, lavender, peach and many more. One can undoubtedly choose these pastel-shaded ghagra cholis for all summer weddings and daytime occasions. 


Apart from the wedding guests, these pastel-shaded lehengas are also preferred by the brides for all their wedding festivities. From high-end fashion designers to all other local online shopping sites, these pastel-shaded ghagra cholis have totally been in vogue in the previous wedding season and they will be in trend this season as well.

Net and Lace Ghagra Choli

These net and lace ghagra cholis have been in trend for the past several decades and they are again the most preferred choice among young women for all wedding functions and festive gatherings. Even after coming with heavy embellishments and embroidery, these net and lace ghagra cholis are extremely lightweight. This new ghagra choli comes featuring ball gown-inspired cuts and flares and it holds the potential to make the wearer look like a princess. 


Since there are several alternatives for adornments and embroideries, these net and lace ghagra cholis are most suited for all the body types and every woman can perfectly choose this latest ghagra choli to attain the most charming and alluring look to rock every wedding function. 

Mirror Work Ghagra Choli

The radiant designs produced by hundreds of tiny mirrors on these ghagra cholis are truly a majestic sight. These elegant patterns are extremely lightweight notwithstanding their profoundly ornamental resemblance. A mirror work ghagra choli is the supreme alternative for women who yearns for a heavy look while wearing a lightweight attire. 


These mirror work ghagra cholis are crafted from the finest georgette or chiffon materials and it is the most preferred choice amongst the women to beat the heat during a summer wedding and look surreal at the same time. One can pair these mirror work ghagra choli with silver or oxidised jewellery shine bright and stand out from the crowd.


Chiffon Ghagra Choli

Chiffon is reasonably the most classic, lightweight, and delicate material. These chiffon ghagra cholis have emerged as the novel trend for this festive and wedding season and it comes in all the bright colors and prints. This Chiffon ghagra choli comes with a flared ghagra, embroidered blouse and a flowy chiffon dupatta and the wearer can pair this ensemble with matching earrings and a statement necklace to get that perfect look to rock every occasion and event. 


Apart from this, these chiffon ghagra cholis also come in striking floral prints and this attire bequeathed the wearer with the most refreshing and lively look to remain breezy and elegant all the time. Get the best ghagra choli online now!

Georgette Ghagra Choli

This georgette ghagra choli is yet another beautiful and trending ghagra choli design that is in vogue in modern times. Well-known for their sheer and lightweight fabric, these ghagra cholis are the most favored option amongst women for summer weddings and all the upcoming festive occasions. This Georgette fabric ghagra choli set arrives in multiple levels of embellishment and comes in various prints and color schemes. Another reason why these georgette ghagra cholis are most preferred amongst women is the flowy drapes that it holds. 


The georgette fabric is known for the flattering way that it drapes. This delicate material holds a finesse that works flawlessly for a dazzling lehenga choli look. High-end stylists and celebs have already welcomed this style in the last wedding and festive season and now the masses have also adopted this charming and alluring ghagra choli designs to look enchanting and perfect. 

The Bottom Line

A ghagra choli can be the perfect and absolute outfit for all Indian women irrespective of their age. It is presently the trendiest outfit that one can choose for all the wedding and festive season. One can easily shop for these chic and trendy ghagra choli models online and choose from the wide variety and that too at the most inexpensive price range that makes the wearer look stunning and captivating.

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    This article beautifully captures the essence of Indian fashion and the elegance of Diwali celebrations. It provides an array of creative and stylish ideas for women to adorn their Indian Lehengas during this festive season. From the classic brocade blouse to the modern Indo-western look, each suggestion is thoughtfully presented, catering to different preferences and occasions. The article’s emphasis on pairing the right accessories, such as jewelry and clutch, adds a practical touch to the style recommendations. Overall, it serves as a valuable guide for women looking to make a fashion statement and radiate grace and beauty during Diwali festivities.


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