Should I Use a Professional Tree Service or Do It Myself

November 18, 2022

You might have a tree that needs pruning and think that it is a job that you can do yourself. Sure, you might have a head for heights, and you might be confident using all of the equipment but when it comes to arboriculture work, there is more to it than you might realise.

Of course, simple garden tasks can be taken care of by you but when it comes to arboriculture work, it makes sense to call in the experts.

Should You Take Care of it Yourself?

The reality is that tree surgery is a dangerous job and you need the right training, experience and skills to do the job. While you might cause damage to the tree, you could cause severe injury to yourself and others nearby.

Arborists are highly trained to consider many different elements of every job they work on. This might be the areas of trees that have built up pressure or the direction of wind and the speed. Through their experience, they consider all these variables in order to carry out the job safely.

A novice will not have this knowledge or experience which increases the likelihood of problems arising.

You might become injured from falling branches or you could cause damage to nearby properties. It’s also possible to compromise the health and stability of the tree and if the tree is protected, you might find that you are hit with a fine. So, a professional arborist will have everything required to carry out the job.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

The Physics

There is a lot of tension in trees and these forces can cause significant problems. Cutting a tree in the wrong place could result in branches snapping and your tools could recoiling which could leave to injury. Experts know exactly where to cut to avoid these issues

Additionally, trees have to be cut at the right angle as this will ensure that branches or trees fall in the right direction.

The Weather

The weather plays a significant role when working on a tree as the speed of the wind and its direction can affect the direction that a tree or branches fall. Professionals will have the ability to identify these variables and then work with them safely.

The Law

It is a criminal offence to work on a tree that has a protection order. A professional will always ensure that all work is carried out in compliance with the law, making sure that the work completed is legal and safe.

The risks of working on a tree yourself are vast and this can include permanently damaging the tree or even causing injury or even death. These are risks that are simply not worth taking and that is the reason why you should call the experts. They will carry out tree reports Essex and will ensure that your tree project is planned and executed with precision.

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