How live in care helps those with cerebral palsy

November 18, 2022

A neurological disorder which affects individuals in a multitude of different ways, from impaired speech to reduced mobility and a loss of muscular control throughout the body, cerebral palsy can make independent living challenging if not impossible for those who live with the disorder.

As such, finding the right care solutions for those with cerebral palsy is key to ensuring that they are able to live a free, well-rounded life as much as possible. That’s why we offer specialised cerebral palsy live in care services, uniting those living with the disorder with those carers who are best equipped and able to support them as much as they need.

With that said, what kind of support can live in care provide to those with cerebral palsy?

The challenges faced by those with cerebral palsy

With so many different symptoms and debilitating problems associated with cerebral palsy, there is no one-size-fits-all type of care that can be offered to those living with the disorder.

Some of the most common challenges that are faced by those with cerebral palsy include chronic pain, a lack of mobility, trouble with communication, muscular weakness, bone deformities, and a basic inability to manage the day to day routine of an independent adult. This makes everything from education to work, household chores, and social events difficult for those living with the condition.

While cerebral palsy is non-progressive and so does not get worse, what this does mean is that for those who are living with the disorder, there is a need to find ways of living with the disorder and overcoming the challenges to achieve some semblance of a normal life.

And that is where live in care comes in.

How live in care can help those with cerebral palsy

Live in care is not a complete solution for all individuals living with cerebral palsy, and it does not treat or alleviate the symptoms – however it does empower the individual to live at home and garner some independence away from parents and other family members. With the long term support of a live in carer, someone with cerebral palsy can receive assistance with daily tasks, while learning how to manage their symptoms and overcome the kinds of difficulties which might otherwise see them stuck inside or unable to live a normal life.

A live in carer can also help the individual to attend school or university, go to work, and function in social settings which they might otherwise avoid or be unable to attend. 

In short, live in care offers a way of living the kind of life that many dream of – away from the confines of a care home, and benefitting from the flexibility and freedom that comes from a live in carer, not to mention the bond that is often forged between individual and carer.

Benefit the whole family

In addition to supporting the individual living with cerebral palsy, live in care has the added benefit of providing peace of mind to family members – allowing them to pursue their own dreams and retain their own lifestyle and routine away from their carer responsibilities.

Our live in carers can provide regular updates as to the status and progress of the individual in their care, giving both you and them a chance at the best possible life. For more information on this service and the other care services we offer, get in touch today.


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