Four Ways To Get Your House Looking Good Before You Have Guests

March 31, 2021

We all wish that our houses look pristine all the time, but unfortunately, that rarely seems to happen. No matter how often you tidy up, within a few days there will likely be some untidiness and clutter destroying your hard work. This is worsened if you have children or pets. However, that is life for most of us. We cannot always have a house that looks as if it is come out of an interior design magazine. That being said, you probably want any guests to see the best possible version of your house. This means making your house look good before they come over. We will be showing you how. 


A quick cleaning spree can make all the difference. Vacuum, mop, wipe off surfaces, clean windows — all of it. If you have a little bit of extra time on your hands before your guests arrive, you can even get fast-drying carpet cleaning services. This may seem like going a bit overboard to some people, but the truth is that you need to get your carpets cleaned regularly anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

Tidy Up Clutter

As mentioned, our houses tend to fill with clutter quite easily, and we often do not even notice it until it is quite bad. However, no matter how clean your house is, if it is untidy, it will not make a good impression. Tidy up everything that does not belong. This will make your house look neater, more put together, and even bigger! Do not leave this until the last minute, since decluttering often takes longer than we expect. You can learn how to declutter your entire house by clicking here. If all else fails, you can just gather up all of the clutter and put it in a room or cupboard where no one will see it — although, this is a short-term solution and should be avoided at all costs. 


There is something about fresh flowers that just makes a house look more inviting, and more homely. Take a stroll through your garden to pick some fresh flowers, or head down to the flower store to grab a bouquet. Place this somewhere prominent, where it is impossible to miss — we recommend the middle of a dining room table. You also do not want the flowers to wilt before your guests arrive, so you can always learn some tips to make your flowers last longer.

Make It Look Cozy

No matter what the aesthetic of your house may be, you likely want it to be inviting to your guests. The easiest way of accomplishing this is to give your house a cozy feel, especially in the sitting area where your guests will likely be spending some time. The best way to achieve this cozy feel is to add a few throw pillows and blankets to the seats, as this instantly creates a comforting look. A bonus is that your guests will probably feel more comfortable! If your guests are sleeping over, make sure that the guest bed also has a good pillow for them to sleep on.

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