Five Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

September 13, 2022

According to surveys, half of the American population cleans once a week, and another quarter of the population cleans more regularly. However, the remaining 25% admit that their home could do with more frequent cleaning. 

Cleaning and tidying can be time-demanding for busy households. If you struggle to keep up a regular cleaning schedule, perhaps these tips can help you reclaim your home!

#1. Ask the professionals to help

Hiring a house cleaner, like Cleaning Force, plano tx, could make a huge difference to your routine. When you are short on time, it is easy to neglect your home. Unfortunately, it can make it even more daunting when you decide to clean. Therefore, a cleaning service can help maintain your interior when you do not have enough time. 

You can also discuss your specific needs with your cleaning provider. If you wish them to focus on a few rooms only, it can be a great solution for deep cleaning your guest bedrooms ahead of big family events!

#2. Create a decor you want to take care of

Do you love your interior? It may seem like a silly question, but households that are not satisfied with their interiors tend to fall behind their cleaning schedules more easily. So, it is worth investing time and money into building an interior design you can love. It can be a good idea to reach out to a professional designer if you are struggling and do not know where to start. 

#3. Have a separate home office

Working from home is great. However, you want to set up a proper home office. While working from the sofa during the pandemic was fine, it was never designed for a long-term solution. Using the sofa or the bed as your improvised workspace will inevitably lead to cluttered and messy rooms. Ideally, you want a space that will act as your home office and where you can store all work-related items and documentation, such as:

  • The understair area
  • Unused loft
  • An awkward nook in the living room
  • Etc. 

Typically, a desk, a chair, and a storage solution, such as shelves or a chest of drawers, can be all you need to get started. You don’t need much to create a functional home office. 

#4. Remote clutter

Clutter accumulates faster than we realize. One day the house is tidy, and the next, piles of books and clothes have taken over your bedroom. Clutter is not only messy, but it is also one of the dust’s favorite playgrounds. The more clutter you have, the dustier your rooms are going to be. Unsure where to start? Refer to Marie Kondo’s excellent decluttering tips! 

#5. Create a family plan

Ultimately, keeping your home clean and tidy is a team effort. If you find yourself frequently tidying up after your children or your partner, setting clear rules can improve your interior:

  • Assign everybody a job, such as dusting, mopping, and preparing the dirty laundry on cleaning days
  • Teach children from a young age to tidy up their clothes and toys
  • Make everyone responsible: If they make a mess, they have to clean it up

Your home should be a peaceful nest where you can recharge your energy. Dust and clutter have no place in your interior. Hopefully, you can use these tips to banish them forever from your home!

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