How Can You Improve Your Home’s First Impression?

October 5, 2021

It is safe to say that people care a lot about how things look and feel. While it may be quite a harsh and superficial way of decided whether they like something or someone, we have to accept that it’s human nature and something that is completely natural. Whether you are looking to meet someone for the first time or you are looking to show something off, people will judge based on what they initially see. The human brain needs to take things in straight away in order to really judge what they’re looking at. This is an evolutionary thing that has been with us for generations in order to keep ourselves safe and to allow us to put ourselves in environments we prefer. 

With regard to your home, you are going to want to make sure that it is looking attractive and immediately satisfying those who wish to enter or those who are just walking past. While it is not a complete necessity in life, it is something that benefits us hugely. You might think that cleaning your home and keeping it in a good place is just a minor thing, but it actually has much wider connotations. If you are someone who values their home an awful lot and you want people to fall in love with it as you have, then your first impressions will need to be on point. Here are just a few ways you can make this happen: 

Before You Even Get To The Home

Your home will be judged based on what you can control, but some might even have their ideas before they even reach your home. Here, we are talking about the road and the pathway(s) outside your place. Sometimes, there is very little you can do about it. Sometimes, however, you can have a hand in the way it looks. For instance, you cannot do anything about potholes, but brushing the leaves away and removing excess waste can be a very shrewd move. It sets up a good start for what people are about to see.

Your Driveway And Front Lawn

The first part of your home that you will (and everyone else) will reach is the driveway. This is where the first piece of significant judgment will subconsciously happen. They might not actually know that they are weighing up what their home is like, but they are. If your driveway is tainted with trash and potholes, then people are not exactly going to be enthused. The look of the driveway matters a lot and it’s not just a place to store your cars when they are not in use. You by no means need to roll out a red carpet for people, but just ensure it is neat. A quick blast with your pressure washer can make the driveway look about twenty years younger, for what it is worth. 

The Aesthetics Of The House Front 

Obviously, if you buy a high-value home that has been designed with all of the aesthetics in mind, then you will not really have to worry about this side — especially if it has just been built. The home will likely be wonderful from the get-go. This does not mean you will not have a job to do as time gets on. Over time, the brickwork will become somewhat weathered and the windows may need a clean every six weeks. You cannot just leave things as they are and expect them to be beautiful all over. Again, you could probably take years of the home with a pressure washer. Window cleaners will be available to keep things fresh if you do not fancy doing the job on your own. 

Front Door And Entryway 

It may seem like a pretty insignificant part of the home, but the front door tells a big story about what the homeowner is like and how the home is likely going to look. If you have a big, beautiful door that welcomes people inside, you are probably going to feel as though you’re about to enter something pleasant. If you walk up to something that has not been cleaned or replaced in decades, perhaps not too much effort has been placed on the house as a whole. Think about surrounding your front door with all kinds of decorates — plants and ornaments are popular choices. 

The Porch And/Or Foyer Area

The first part of the home that one enters will also say a lot about the first impressions. Do you feel welcomed by the home you have just walked in? Well, if you don’t then that’s a sure-fire way of thinking that the rest of the house will follow suit. You do not have to put out welcome mats and signs in order to overdo it, but simply keeping it clean and pretty would help out a lot. Allow guests to know where to go and where to put their shoes would also help out. 

Your Roof Situation 

While a roof and the surrounding facets may not seem like that much of a big deal, it actually is. You only ever really notice it when it has had work done to it. Whether it has been replaced or it has been fixed a little, it will make a big difference. Allowing the gutters to work freely and not be blocked is also a huge plus when it comes to a home’s first impressions as it is always noticeable when the guttering is faulty. A brand new roof always makes the place look more beautiful, and the insulation it brings keeps everyone nice and toasty. 

Is There Much Space To Breathe?

People like to be able to collect themselves whenever they enter a new place. If your home is crowded or has very narrow areas, then it is probably going to overwhelm people who enter. It is not the biggest issue in the world, but it does set a precedent for how they will feel going forward. Try to clear a few things out if you can — if you have a spacious home, then you do not need to worry about this!

How Is The Living Room Looking?

The living room is pretty much the main hub of your house. Because of this, people will remember it predominantly. It is by no means something that you need to stress over, but just think about how you want it to be conveyed to others. There are lots of living room ideas around if ever you need a little inspiration. People spend most of their time relaxing and frequenting in the living room — especially guests, of course. Make sure you have the best kinds of furniture, a nice floor plan, and a nice ambiance overall. 

Doors And Windows

The doors and windows are such a vital part of how the home is viewed as a whole. While they are just fundamental aspects of a home, they actually piece everything together. If you have awful doors and windows, people will notice. If they creak, if they are cracked, or if they are just downright ugly, you are not going to get a good score from others. While it may be costly, it is definitely worth thinking about. 

The Color Scheme And Décor 

If you have a design that is completely outdated or you have colors that just do not go well together, people are going to see. Color psychology plays a big part in how we feel about certain things and a person’s home is no different. 

The Atmosphere, Scent, And Feel 

You know straight away if something is up regarding a home. You will walk straight into a place and feel a really awkward air. Perhaps it is too quiet and eerie, or perhaps it is too cold and damp. Do not let these kinds of things happen. Try to make the home smell amazing if you can because it will make people so much more at ease. 

Perhaps You Could Add Some Decorations And Artwork 

Some people like beige and bland homes with not a lot going on. The majority would like to be stimulated by what they see, however. Again, you do not have to bombard people with decorations and art, but it would be great if you could spice things up a little. 

The Overall Plan And Organization Of The Home  

Homes need to be neat, tidy, assembled, and organized if they are to be viewed as good-looking. Do not allow things to get out of hand. Inside and out, if the home is kept in an orderly fashion, then it is going to be impressive.

The Lighting 

The way in which the lighting is treated in your home can have a big say on how the entire place looks. Similar to the set of a stage, lighting comes into account with the look of a home. Both natural and artificial light can play a big part. Make sure you have enough windows and space for natural light to seep in. If this happens, then your home is going to look and feel more pleasant — too much darkness is ominous and feels perilous. 

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