Top Tips For Better Lighting At Home

October 5, 2021

There is nothing worse than going room to room in your home only to find that everything feels dark and dank. Hallways, for example, are usually a darker space than the rest of the home due to their distinct lack of windows. This does not mean that you cannot bring more light into the home, however, and it does not mean that you cannot employ a few tricks here and there to ensure that your home is brightened up in no time at all. 

From casement window replacement to adding skylights, we are going to take you through a list of things that you could be doing to add better lighting in the home.

  1. Replace your doors with glass ones. Glass doors are going to make a huge difference to the lighting in your home. If you have any doors from the hallways into the next rooms, you could swap the wooden slabs for glass doors and let light naturally travel through the house. The higher the angle the light is coming from the more intense it will be through the rooms. If you want to swap the wooden doors for glazed ones, make sure that they go as high as possible so that the light can come on through.
  2. Think about your windows. We talked about casement window replacement, but the principle of getting glazed doors placed as high as possible should be shared with your windows, too. A bedroom full of light is going to be this way because of the windows reaching right up to the ceiling to let the light right in. If the windows are opened enough, you can ensure that the light is flooding through the rooms. New windows also offer better insulation, so you get the best temperature as well as the best lighting.
  3. Add a skylight. Whether you have a loft space in use or you simply have a sunroom you use as much as possible, think about changing the ceiling to a glass one. The amount of light that comes through the ceilings will help you to really amplify how much light there is in each space. It becomes much more intense when glass roofs are involved. You can add blinds when you need them and they could be motorized for the ceiling ones to be controlled with a button. Skylights are a practical solution, too.
  4. Add a loft. Speaking of skylights, if you have an attic, but you do not have a loft space, spend the cash you have and upgrade the space, so that it becomes more liveable. Roof skylights are effective on extensions, and you can transform a dingy and dark loft in an instant when you have skylights put in. You can add them to the top of the ceilings and roof or you can line them around the eaves of the roof — it is totally up to you. Either way, there are options for your windows.
  5. Add windows to the stairwell. If your staircase is dark and dank, and the wall is that of the outside wall of the house, you can add windows along the staircase and light up the stairs. You could even add a window at the top of the stairs, so that the light floods down them. 
  1. Add more internal lights. From sconces on the walls to chandeliers on the ceiling, you should think about adding extra light on the inside of the home. Room to room, lamps, ceiling lights and more are all going to add ambience, light and a better look to your home. It is an increasingly popular alternative to windows if you do not have the ceiling and wall space in the home to do it. The luminaire led lighting is essential in the home, and you need to have the best possible lighting working for you to ensure that you can see, that you can maximize the look of your artwork and more.
  2. Change the drapes. It is nice to have window dressing on the windows for every room, but when the window dressings get in the way of the light coming through the house, there is a problem! You have to do what you can to bring in the natural light as natural light is always better for you than artificial light. Natural lighting is much easier to get flooding through the home, especially when all you have to do is move the curtains and blinds a little.
  3. Add light to the basement. If you have a basement that you use as a living space in your home, the chances are that you are going to have quite a dark room. You need to know that you can go down and enjoy your basement space without having to light it up with lamps. If you ensure that you are adding light with a light well, you will have the illusion that there is more light flooding through the basement room. This will make it look like it’s not a basement room at all, but a room that is added to the rest of the house instead. You can do this with much bigger window spaces and expanding the window frames to the room.
  4. Go a little luxurious with an internal courtyard. If you have the chance to add an internal courtyard to your home, it is the way to go! You can surround the house with more light by pulling back any trees and bushes enclosing your home. You can add to your courtyard and create an effect that will help the light to flood in and ensure that your home is exposed to as much natural light as possible. It might seem like a big job, but it’s a great one if you need more light in the house. 

Light should be maximized as much as possible in the house because this is your living space. Without the extra light, you will find that your home is darker for longer and you are going to be without all of that amazing vitamin D, too! 

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