Seven Ways To Appreciate Every Milestone During Home Renovation Projects

February 6, 2019

Home renovation projects are both rewarding and exhausting. There is nothing quite as exciting as seeing the finished project, however, there are also some unexpected projects that are associated with home renovation projects, and they can be quite labor intensive and expensive. 

As an illustration, let us say, you want to install a laminate floor in your living room, and the carpet needs to be removed. Once the carpet is removed, you notice a black-molded area and decide to replace the damaged area with new plywood. This is a little bit of a setback, but not the end of the world; however, it can get worse? After you’ve removed the damaged plywood, you notice three of the floor stringers are rotted. Needless to say, those will also need to be replaced before you get back to your original project. 

That was just one example of the types of situations that can happen during home remodeling, so what do you do to keep your insanity and not get discouraged? You need to set yourself milestones and realistic expectations, as well as finding a way to reward yourself for all of your hard work! 

Here are the seven ways to appreciate every milestone: 

1. Remember the Reason

Your first milestone will most likely include the demolition of the project, and this is when any unexpected surprises will be unearthed. This can be a very trying time for you, especially if you are not familiar with the deconstruction process. You may encounter some financial setbacks, as well as more of your time than you wanted to invest in. It is important to remember the reason why you wanted to do this project in the first place. 

2. Before and After

One way to appreciate your milestones is to take before and after photos of your progress. This is a great way to remember the way things were and all of the hard work you did to achieve your unique design. Making a scrapbook of your milestones is also something you can appreciate down the road, especially if you captured some funny moments that you can share with your friends and family. 

3. Order a Delicious Meal

This is very important, especially if you have people who are helping you with your project. They will definitely appreciate a nice meal after one of your milestones has been accomplished. Call your local pizza or Chinese delivery service, and order a delicious meal for everyone involved. This is a great way to socialize over your project, talk about the next milestone, and enjoy a few laughs. 

4. Weekend Getaway

There are a lot of home renovation projects that can be very labor intensive and stressful. After you accomplish a major milestone, and if you are feeling overwhelmed and tired, you will appreciate a weekend getaway. It does not have to be far away or expensive by any means. A weekend camping trip at a nearby lake or visiting relatives is a great way to recharge your batteries and get ready for the next milestone.

5. Take a Vacation

Some home renovation projects like kitchens and bathrooms can temporarily shut down operations in those areas until the new fixtures are installed and are operational again. In some cases, there are also people who have allergies or allergic reactions to drywall dust and other toxic chemicals required to accomplish the milestone; therefore, it is best to take a vacation until that milestone is completed. 

6. Go Shopping

Once your milestones are coming to end, you will be able to see a clearer picture of the finished project. It is at this point in time when you can really appreciate all of your hard work with every milestone that has stood in your way by going shopping for it. This is the most rewarding part of accomplishing your milestones. 

You can buy new curtains, furniture, wall decor, lighting, ceiling fans, and other decorative amenities to give your new room the unique look that you had in mind. Additionally, this is when you realize that your vision is no longer a dream, it is a reality. 

7. Throw a Party

There’s nothing better than throwing a party after all of your milestones have been completed, and the home renovation project is finally done. Invite your friends, family, and those who helped with your project. This is when you can really appreciate the hard work that went into every milestone along the way and celebrate your new room. 

Dig out your stereo system, make some delicious finger sandwiches and appetizers, and buy a few bottles of wine or a keg of beer to show your appreciation to everyone in attendance. Throwing a party at the end of the last milestone is how you appreciate all of the milestones involved and life itself. 

Closing Thoughts on Milestone Appreciation

As mentioned above, some home renovation projects can be a daunting task, and it is important to mark each milestone with some type of reward. This does a number of things for your self-confidence and it gives you renewed energy to tackle the next milestone. It is also important to set realistic milestones. For example, gutting a kitchen to the bare studs and floor will not be done in a few hours. 

As a matter of fact, depending on how much help you have or items that need to be removed, it could take a few days to accomplish that milestone? Always allow for more time than you anticipate, this way you will not be disappointed or become discouraged with your home renovation project. Once you reach a milestone, take a break, and reward yourself with one of the seven ways to appreciate every milestone during home renovation projects.

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