Essential Considerations When Extending Your Home

January 26, 2023

Home extensions, or additions, are very popular renovation projects. Many homeowners find that they grow out of their homes, but they are reluctant to move from a house they love. Extending provides an alternative to relocating and it is a great option for growing families, as well as homeowners who may be working at home more frequently or running a business. If you are thinking about adding more space, here are some essential considerations. 

Your plot

Home additions are not suitable for all properties. Before you start thinking about choosing paint colors or flooring options, consider the size and shape of your plot. Is there sufficient space to extend at the back or side of the house, and will the project give you the space you need to make your home work? Consider how much of your outdoor space you are willing to sacrifice and how much internal room you need. It is wise to get ideas, opinions and quotes from professionals to help you determine if your plans are viable. 

Structural features

Adding a new room or an extension to your home involves making structural changes and taking on construction work. During the planning and design process, you will need to choose structural features, such as new windows and doors and a roof. Research different types of roofs and get advice from experienced roofing contractors. Compare quotes and explore different window and door designs. Think about access points, how much light you want to let into the space and the kind of look you want to achieve. 


Function is one of the most crucial considerations when extending your home. How do you plan to use the new living space? Are you creating a large kitchen-diner, or do you need space for a home office or a studio? Are you adding a guest suite, a playroom or a gym, or would you like a formal living room? Decide how you want to use the space before you start making plans. This will help you to decide how big you want the addition to be, design the room and set a suitable budget. You do not want to spend more than you will recoup when you sell the property. 

Interior design

If you are extending your home, conjuring up interior design ideas is one of the most exciting parts of the project. Think about what you want the finished room or space to look like, explore design concepts and styles and inject personality. Try to combine style and substance. You want the room to look incredible but it also has to work on a practical level. Take your time to gather information and ideas, look for inspiration and start putting a visual plan together. It is important to make sure that you are 100% happy with the plans before you proceed. You do not want to change your mind when it is too late. 

Many people are choosing to extend their homes to create more space and enhance versatility and functionality. If you are considering this kind of project, it is important to plan thoroughly and make sure that it is a viable option. Consider the size and shape of the plot, your budget and how you want to use the extra space. Research options in terms of roofing types, flooring and windows and doors and take your time to decide what you want the room to look like. 

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