7 rewarding destinations for relaxing both your body and mind

January 25, 2023

We work, work, work until we drop! A good holiday relieves all the pent-up tension from a difficult working week, and the best destinations can soothe even the most stressed body and mind. But choosing the perfect destination for you is easier said than done.

With hundreds of brilliant travel destinations on the go-to roster, how can you even settle on the most rewarding place to visit? Fortunately, we’ve made the decision for you; read on for insight into at least 7 rewarding destinations for relaxing both your body and mind!

Athens, Greece

Athens is affectionately termed the historical capital of Europe for good reason! A cultural hotspot with the beautiful sights to prove it, there’s nowhere more rewarding to visit than Athens, Greece.

Whether you stroll through the beautiful ruins of Ancient Corinth, or unwind on the sandy beaches of the quaint seaside town Chalkida, there’s so much to do in Athens that involves nothing more than relaxing and appreciating the beauty around you.

To get your relaxing vacation to Athens off to a great start, we recommend travelling through silversea cruises. With ships at the cutting edge of nautical luxury, bringing you to the Eastern Mediterranean in style fit for royalty, a holiday has never felt so good.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This gorgeous geothermal spa in southwestern Iceland is an absolute must-visit for the holiday goer in dire need of rest and relaxation. The Blue Lagoon is perfectly situated on a lava field, with warm water that can reach temperatures of 36°C and higher! The high amount of silica in the Blue Lagoon’s water also works wonders for improving the health and texture of your skin, a rewarding and soothing experience.

Barcelona, Spain

If you want to truly relax your body and mind, visit Barcelona. Spend your holiday sunbathing on one of the city’s many beaches, trying a harbour cruise or watching Barcelona’s beautiful sunset from your hotel balcony.

Provence, France

A quieter location than Paris or Marseille, Provence is a wonderful, sweet-smelling escape from the stresses of daily life. The peaceful lavender fields of Provence alone are an idyllic and unforgettable sight!

Lake Como, Italy

The backdrop of many a Hollywood movie, Lake Como provides eager visitors with the most romantic Italian sights out there. Dozens upon dozens of quaint villas, gardens and nature walks make Lake Como an ideal place to rest and enjoy life.

Sanur Bali, Indonesia

Sanur Bali is a tranquil seaside town on the southeast coast of Bali, known for heavenly beaches and crystal-clear water. With a quiet and steady pace of life, memorable sights and cultural attractions like the Belanjong Pillar, Sanur Bali has become the dream destination for travellers looking to relax.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is the heart of Japan, and has been so for a thousand years. Stunningly beautiful, with some of the most intact Imperial palaces in Japan, you will visit Kyoto once and be desperate to visit again!

Notably, Kyoto is still home to many bath houses, named sento, which provides holiday goers with a unique opportunity to try a new cultural staple, and relax at the same time.

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