The Six Steps To Follow After A Break-In

December 21, 2020

A break-in in your home can be a traumatic experience. And when you are someone who likes to go traveling on a regular basis, you want to make sure that your home is secure. But sometimes we can come back and find our home has been broken into. But if you ever find yourself in this situation, it is important to take the following steps:

Get To A Safe Location

If you return home to find someone in your home make sure that you get to a safe location. If you are in the property, find a safe place and lock the doors, but also make sure you put a physical barrier between you and the person.

Call The Police

After you and your loved ones have got to a safe location, call the police. If you have a home security system the police are likely to be on their way, but if not, call 911.

List The Items Stolen

After the police have arrived you can assess the damage. It is important to take an inventory of the missing items first. When you create a list of all the stolen or damaged items, be sure to include a detailed description and approximate value of each one. This will help when you contact the insurance company.

Call The Insurance Company

You need to call the insurance company within 24-hours of the crime. Be sure to have as much detail as possible in terms of the police reference numbers. This will make the claim easier to process. They may also recommend that you stay at a friend’s home until the claims adjuster looks at the property. In addition, make sure that you keep a copy of any information for your records.

Repair Any Damage

After you call the insurance company and file a claim, you will need to get the home back in order. If credit cards were stolen you need to order new ones. But you can also hire a repairman to fix any broken windows or doors. If you feel as a priority that your home needs securing with new locks, you can get an all hour residential locksmith to change your locks. You should also think about resetting any online passwords if laptops or computers were taken.

Future Proof The Home 

Now is the opportunity to prevent future break-ins. There is a wide variety of security approaches that you can take advantage of. The first port of call would be to speak to a security expert about protecting your home. But in addition to this, they will assess the weaknesses of the property. If your security system needs changing this can be done easily but you should also think about incorporating other subtler security methods. For example you may want to install motion sensors, as well as look at your day-to-day habits that may have highlighted that your home was an easy target.

When we have a break-in, we can feel that our security is compromised. By following these steps, you are getting the ball rolling. It may take some time for you to feel safe in your own home again, but if you feel like this, it is important to increase your home security.

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