Review: VITCHELO Kids Electric Toothbrush For Boys And Girls

March 8, 2019

We all know that starting a toothbrushing routine with your children at an early age is incredibly important for a multitude of reasons. However, it is not always as easy as it sounds to get them to brush their teeth willingly. My own son, Joaquín, has good and bad days when it comes to brushing. This is where VITCHELO saves the day with their awesome electric toothbrushes for boys and girls.

VITCHELO kids electric toothbrushes are rechargeable with timers. They come with two brush heads and a cover and carry bag for when you travel. All of this for less than $30 on Amazon Prime!

While other kids electric toothbrushes are uncomfortable, vibrate too rapidly or loud, come with adults sized heads, and/or cannot be used in the shower, the VITCHELO kids electronic toothbrush solves all of those problems in their version.

Vitchelo Electric Toothbrush

The brush heads are specially designed to softly clean children’s sensitive teeth and gum line from age 4 to 14, even if they have braces. To encourage a proper brushing routine, the toothbrush features a two minute auto brushing coach and a thirty second timer that will help your children increase the time spent on each quadrant and keep them engaged. Also included with your purchase is a FREE eBook entitled, “How To Prevent Mold On An Electric Toothbrush Kids.”

As your youth learn to brush, our sonic technology does the rest. This electric toothbrush boasts up to 28,000 brush strokes per minute, with three kid-friendly power modes for different ages. The unique dynamic action of our automatic toothbrush provides proper cleaning, which ultimately results in more successful dentist check-ups.

Another awesome feature is that the toothbrush offers a very long battery life — with a full six hours charge lasting up to one month (for twice per day brushing). Since it has dual voltage (AC 100~240V), it can be used anywhere in the world.

With a design and features that make kids squeal with joy, this VITCHELO electric toothbrush is just the thing you need to get your children excited about brushing time. You will love the clean they will be able to achieve. If your prince or princess is not 100% satisfied, simply request a refund within 60 days. Money back guarantee! To receive 20% off your purchase use this promo code (expires March 29, 2019).

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