Sportswear As Everyday Fashion

March 8, 2019

Over the years, athleisure has become one of the most popular clothing trends that are not showing any signs of dying down. While wearing your leggings outside of the gym used to be considered a social faux pas, right now it is one of the most fashionable garments you can put on. We have simply fallen in love with the comfort of sportswear, and most of us are not ready to give it up. Hence, workout garments are now perfectly acceptable everyday pieces, especially for those who want to both feel good in their skin and be completely on-trend wherever they go. Bodcraft offers a range of top-quality athletic wear that will make you feel fashionable and good. As they are designed specifically for your sport, they can further contribute to your performance by supporting the right muscle groups during the training, and they offer protection where needed. You’ll be able to perform better with a lower risk of injury. Are you interested in styling your sportswear in a stylish way that you can rock on the street? Then take a look at some of our tips!

Sports Crop Top

The Sports crop top is a trend seen in many professional and amateur sporting leagues. A sports crop top is a type of athletic top that is shorter than traditional shirts. It is meant to be worn during activities such as running, cycling, and participating in sports like rugby or soccer. Sport crop top is made for the gym and for a good time with a pair of leggings. You can also pair it with a skirt for a look that is perfect for the weekend. It will keep you cool and trendy all day long. It is designed for athletic wear. An athlete wears a sports crop top to warm up the muscles and increase the blood flow before a match. These crop tops are the perfect way for athletes to stay cool and comfortable while playing sports. 


Instead of thinking of leggings merely as a workout garment, think of them more like slim pants. If you pick an ordinary black pair you will actually have something very versatile on your hands, and there is no reason not to make it a part of any casual outfit that you like. Wear them pair with loose tops and knit sweaters or with flowy tunics and dresses if you want to add a dose of femininity into the mix. They look great when paired with sneakers, but they also work well with boots in cold weather, or flip flops when summer comes around the corner. If you pick a patterned pair you will have something fun and vibrant to play around with, so do not be afraid to wear your neutrals with colorful leggings.

Track Pants

Tracksuit bottoms are another great option for everyday wear, and they can look surprisingly polished if you pair them with the right kind of pieces. Cropped cuts generally work really well with them because they can balance out your proportions and give the whole outfit a hint of sexiness. Pick a high-quality pair like Adidas track pants, because you will look more luxurious and stylish that way, and pair it with a cute little crop top. If you are afraid of baring your midriff, go for a form-fitting tank top and then throw a baggy crop top over it and you will not have to expose any skin. When it comes to track pants, sneakers are generally your best bet, but some models have been known to successfully pair them with heels.


Sneakers will always be popular because they are really comfortable and nothing beats a pair of retro white sneakers when it comes to fashion options. While you can wear them with leggings and track bottoms, they also go really well with denim of any kind. Go for cropped jeans, colorful sneakers, and a graphic tee, and then throw a soft cardigan over it and you will have a perfect everyday outfit. You can also go for a denim skirt and a strappy top paired with a nice fitted jacket to top it off. This year, old-school white sneakers, rainbow colors, and springtime prints are popular trends, so and companies such as Nike, Adidas, and even Balenciaga are jumping on board and creating some truly unique models. Get yourself a good pair of statement shoes, and you’ll automatically elevate any outfit you wear.


Hoodies are lovely, because they are soft, cozy, and make us feel so safe when worn. While it is easy to pull off a sporty outfit with them, you can actually make them look quite sexy as well. Just throw on a bright red hoodie and wear it with slim leather pants and you will see what we mean. They also go great with skinny jeans, and if you want to make them really cool, pick a cropped model and wear it with high-waist pants and casual shoes. Adding accessories such as hoop earrings, wristwatches, and hairpins is also a great way to dress them up and make your outfits more polished.

As with any kind of fashion, all you need to do is experiment. Try out these sporty garments in new and interesting ways, and you are bound to create a lot of great outfits that you can rock on an everyday basis.

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