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March 22, 2023
Home Decorating

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Are you moving to South America in search of a better lifestyle and low cost of living? You must have a lot to deal with. Moving homes has never been an easy transition, let alone to a completely new country! It’s intimidating and scary at the best of times.

After a move, you might feel a bit “meh” about your home décor. Your furniture might seem to be mocking you because it just doesn’t belong. Or maybe you’ll end up staring at a blank wall and wondering if you need to enroll in a math class to complete the gallery wall. We feel you. But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. It’s also your time to shine with your creative decorating ideas. Here are some tips to get you started on your new home’s journey:

1. Get Professional Movers on Board

The task at hand isn’t as easy as a next-door move. You’re moving countries, so you need more than your car’s trunk and trusty hands to ensure every item reaches home safely. It is where international or long-distance movers come in. They’ll take care of furniture disassembly, pack and unpack for you, and even provide storage solutions if you need one. If you’re moving from West Palm Beach to South America or any similar long-distance, look for a moving company that offers custom crating services. It’ll ensure everything remains safe and intact.

While it’s not directly linked to decorating your home, working with professional movers will ensure you don’t have to make do with a chipped antique or a broken armchair.

2. Find Inspiration

Whether it’s your favorite magazine, Pinterest, or any interior design blog, finding inspiration outside your creative mind is the key to creating a unique and inviting home. You can draw inspiration from on-trend designs, country-specific design elements, and your expressiveness.

Consider the climate of your new place and choose aesthetically pleasing and durable materials. For instance, rattan or wicker furniture could be a great idea if you’re moving to the tropics, as they can help keep your house cool. But if you’re moving to the mountains, something sturdy and rustic would be best. How about some stone tiles or furniture made from natural wood?

3. Mix Old with New

Ah, the antiques! Everyone loves antiques, but it’s all about finding the right place for them. When you move to a new country, mix in some of your old furniture and accessories with new pieces that work well together. It will create a unique combination of past and present.

You can also visit the local flea markets or antique stores to find interesting pieces for your home. Our top picks are weathervanes, vintage floor lamps, and wall art. When displaying antiques, there’s only one rule: go big! So, show off your favorite pieces, as they’ll give a unique character to your home.

4. Shop Around for the Perfect Pieces

You can’t just hang a framed poster and call it done. You’ll need the right accent pieces to bring everything together like it was meant to be. Since it’s a blank canvas you’re working at, it might take a lot more thought and effort to come up with the right combination. But don’t worry – you can find many exquisite pieces without breaking the bank.

Research local vendors to buy handmade décor items like cushions, rugs, and lamps. If you’re a fan of consoles, you’ll need lots of decorative items to fill up the shelves and bring a new life to your home. We suggest you look for pottery, sculptures, glassware, and framed art.

5. Bring in Color

Adding color to your home is the easiest way to bring it alive with personality and warmth. And warmth is all you need when you’re thousands of miles away from what you used to call home. You can paint the walls and furniture or bring in colorful accessories like throws, rugs, and window treatments to add more vibrancy. Think about the colors that make you feel at home and go with a combination of them. But find the right balance.

For instance, if you’re painting your living room’s accent wall a bright pink, then make sure the other walls are in muted colors like beige or gray. If your home is filled with artwork, pick hues that will bring out the artwork’s best features, like a pale blue or muted green.

6. Make Friends with Native Plants

Bright and fresh, plants are more than just pretty decorative pieces sitting in the corner of your room. They are super beneficial for your health and can work wonders to lift the mood of your home. Studies have shown that plants improve air quality, reduce stress levels, and even boost productivity.

So, get to know the native plants of your new country and fill up your home with them. Whether it’s bromeliads, snake plants, or cacti, you’ll be creating the kind of atmosphere that is unique to your new home.

Also, pay attention to the planters. You can spice things up by finding something that reflects your taste and style. Ceramic pots, industrial-style boxes, or macramé hangers – the possibilities are endless.

7. Think Upside Down

All we are just saying is to be creative. Who says a funky-colored wicker basket needs to be used as a laundry hamper? Try turning it upside-down as a cool and unique side table. Think out of the box, use items in unexpected ways, and come up with unique solutions for your home décor. You’ll be surprised how many things start serving a purpose.

If you’re short of ideas, here are some of our top picks:

  • Use an antique hollow frame as a mantelpiece to hang necklaces
  • Use an old ladder as a shoe rack
  • Hang baskets on the wall to store books

Bottom Line

When it comes to decorating your new home in a foreign country, get ready to dive in deep and explore all the possibilities. There is no right or wrong way of creating the perfect backdrop for your life. Just trust your gut feeling, and make sure you enjoy the process.

And remember – no matter how far away from home you are, you can make your home into a place that feels like home. Good luck!

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