Redecorating Can Really Be Stressful: Do’s And Don’ts

July 18, 2018

Getting a new look is refreshing and it gives a feeling of elegance. Redecorating a house can give it an attractive feel, but only if it is done right. As much as many want to redecorate correctly, it is often hard to balance between cost, achieving a cultivated and refined appearance, and having durable decor. This often makes redecorating very stressful as one is torn between multiple options in the market. Without the right pointers, it can be very time consuming to settle on the correct redecoration that will suit the needs and meet the budget. Thus, it helps to understand some of the most important redecoration and their importance.

To redecorate a house, one of the easiest places to start is the windows decor, mostly because widow decor is semi-permanent and compliments the more permanent decor such as the design of the walls. There three popular types of window decor to choose from including, blinds and min-blinds, drapes, and shutters. Although they all serve the same purpose of covering the windows, they also have other additional uses, which they serve differently and set the three options apart. There are a few reasons that make the use of shutters, particularly plantation shutters, better than the other two options.

They have a wide range of materials to choose from

To make plantation shutters, one can use a wide range of material from wood, MDF, vinyl, to mention but a few. The wide range of materials helps the user to select the most suitable factoring in different considerations such as security and the design of the building. For instance, if a building is made from, or is heavily decorated using natural wood, then it is paramount that this feel is extended to the windows and a choice of shutters made from wood with natural wood stains can give the house a perfect finishing. The wide range of materials that can be used makes it easy to adapt the shutters to the specific design of the house. You can visit for assistance with the selection.

They are much stronger and safer

If living in a region where safety is an issue, then the use of plantation shutters is preferred over other window covers because plantation shutters add an extra layer of protection. In addition, they are child friendly because they do not have loose materials or strings hanging that children can tangle themselves with while playing in the house. This makes shutters very suitable for a house with little ones; as you know, young ones are ‘bundles of joy’ only as long as they stay out of trouble.

They give a perfect fit and cover for windows

Of all the classes of windows, plantation shutters are the easiest to fit perfectly. To bring out the true aesthetic value of a wall, a window cover should fit no just right, but perfectly. If you are planning to do-it-yourself and do your own redecorating, then it is important to have shutters custom-made so that they fit perfectly on the window, thereby giving your wall a refined finishing. To achieve this, it is important to have the correct contractor make your shutters, and from a happy customer, I can recommend They have a wide range of materials and paints that they allow potential customer to select from. It may be worth checking out their website to see the different varieties they offer before you settle on the one design. Their home page has a shutters page that gives valuable information that might help you decide easily on your preferred design.

Shutters are durable

We all love moments where we are saving money. Shutters might have a higher installation cost, but they are durable. You will find that you will have to change your blinds or drapes severally before you need to change the shutters, which save you on costs in the long run. In addition, having durable fixtures ensures that the refined look of your house is maintained over a long period. You can find durable fixtures in listings in Aura condos.

They require minimal maintenance

Plantation shutters are easy to clean as compared to other window covers. You do not require taking them down when cleaning them; the third large surface makes them easy to wipe with a wet cloth or a soft brush. This reduces the time, energy and resources dedicated to their maintenance. To make it even better, the ease in cleaning without using detergents make them maintain their original color and beauty for long. As opposed to this, drapes would fade fast making you go back to the stress of redecorating all over again.

They can be used on doors and walls

Plantation shutters can be used as dividing walls, such as walls between the room and dressing room, or as interior doors’ such as wardrobe doors. The possibility of using them on other interior walls makes it possible to extend the décor on the windows to other walls that do not have windows making the room get a homogeneous feel. This is especially important if you love harmony in your design.

They give better privacy than other window covers

We all love privacy from prying eyes, but sometimes this is hard to achieve when we want to utilize natural light and maybe experience the breeze around the house. Plantation shutters make this possible as they can be adjusted at an angle that allows you can have a view of outside, which makes it easy to look out but hard to view in. This gives you privacy while at the same time allowing you to use the natural light from the sun and allow fresh air in the house.

As you evaluate the different decor designs, you may find yourself torn between different options. This can be nerve-wracking because of the vast array of options and designs available, but often, it is easiest to choose a decor that is practical as well as aesthetic. A decor should not only be able to match with your wall design, but also give you extra services. Some interior decorations, such as window covers, serves more than just being decoration pieces, it helps to consider the other services that they offer. The easiest decoration process starts with considering the permanent structures, such as state of the walls, then consider the semi-permanent, such as furniture, windows and door covers, then finish off with structures that are only decorative and can be changed now and then without requiring much adjustments to other features, such as wall hangings. If you start it right, follow the right process, you will redecorate and get a look that is refreshing and gives you value for your money.

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