Looking Good And Feeling Great: A Guide To Fashionable Sportswear

February 9, 2016

If you do not know that sportswear is no longer limited to the gym, you have been living in a parallel universe! Its popularity as everyday wear escalated in 2014 when Chanel’s runway show sent out full-fledged sportswear ensembles and high-street brands such as H&M began to incorporate the trend into their collections. Offering performance along with style, the high-in-demand ‘activewear as daywear’ genre gives every power-oriented fashionista a ticket to feeling comfortable while going about town. Where once wearing sneakers or yoga pants to the supermarket signaled a stressed-out parent with no time to care for their appearance, sportswear is now embraced as an acceptable and stylish option to wear to most locations.

It has proved to be the latest fashion trend that has trickled up from street wear and is possibly a reflection of the past few years where major emphasis has been placed on a healthy lifestyle, diet, and regular exercise routine. You may well find yourself following fitness icons on Instagram or looking up healthy recipes by famous chefs more regularly than ever before. Grabbing that green smoothie before you put on your favorite hoodie and head out the door has never been more fashionable.

Why Sportswear?

But coming back to the basics, looking good while working out was the starting point for sportswear after functionality and it is relevant till date. Why? Because when you are working hard on your bod, you want a good reflection of yourself in the mirror. Not only does it boost your morale to see those muscles flex and those beads of sweat drip down to the floor, but it is also known that appearance makes a difference in how you are perceived, even by yourself. Knowing that you look good while shedding the pounds, gives you the confidence to keep going, and to keep coming back to the gym.

Irrespective of how appealing it may look, not everything is smooth when you lead the fitness-oriented life. If you suffer from problems such as stiff muscles, soreness during or after exercise, rashes from friction burns, and delayed recovery time symptoms, then compression wear may be the answer for you. They give you the much-needed support to keep your muscles strong while promoting better blood circulation. And the best part is that you can look stylish while wearing it. Stockings and shorts are a good option for the gym, while runners can opt for ankle socks. Compression wear comes in a variety of strengths and you may need a doctor’s prescription for the higher degrees, so be sure to check with your retailer before you go out to purchase these.

The Basics

If you are wondering how to integrate sportswear pieces into your daily wardrobe, here are some tips:

A bomber jacket goes well with jeans or a skirt. When wearing a monochrome outfit, you can choose a bright colored bomber to make you stand out. It is good for mild weather or a jog, when you can throw it over your t-shirt or tie it around your waist.

Sneakers are the staple sportswear item now being worn with literally every kind of outfit, from fashion week street style to street wear. Wear it with simple dresses, shorts, denims, and all kinds of jackets including blazers.

Yoga pants are the more fashionable and more acceptable version of leggings. Try wearing them with a dress if you are feeling bold or a tee and scarf for a chilled day out. Looser joggers can be worn with a fitted turtleneck and casual bag.

Skater flats are a slightly more formal footwear option than sneakers. You can even wear them with a suit or a blazer to a meeting. A variety of prints and colors will allow you to experiment as much as you want or as much as your workplace allows.

Streaks of neon have always been associated with sportswear, thus do not shy away from it when it comes to daily wear. In controlled doses, neons can be an effective head-turner. In fact, you can complement it with a bright bag, watch, or scarf for visual effect.

Sportswear is great for the ease it offers and its availability across a range of brands today has made it a staple. It looks like the sports luxe trend is here to stay, so you should stock up now, and stock up well!

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