My New Obsession: FlashFrames

November 2, 2016

Once I became a Mom, my sunglasses also became an extension of me. No matter how little sleep I got the night before, no one would ever know, because my sunglasses cover my tired eyes. Plus, they instantly make me look chic and put together (when we all know I am not most days)! Sunglasses are about accessorizing and making a statement, so it is very important to find the perfect pair. Finding the perfect pair can be challenging, since not every shape looks good on every face. Plus, usually the most desired sunglasses cost a fortune.

Enter my latest obsession: FlashFrames. This is an online sunglass shop that allows you to upload an image of a pair of sunglasses you like and are looking for and from there FlashFrames instantly finds similar pairs for you at different price points — there are even some trendy styles starting as little as $9.99. How awesome is that? Their tagline is: Spot the style. Get the frames!

Additionally, FlashFrames has an enormous selection of sunglasses to choose from. What I like most about FlashFrames is that they find multiple pairs for you, thus you can easily choose the pair that fits your budget. With the most popular style of sunglasses constantly changing, no one wants to spend a fortune when that style could be out of fashion the following month. Not to mention it is so easy to misplace or break them as well (especially when you have a toddler like myself who likes to constantly pull them off my face and hide them from me).

Another fabulous feature on the website is that you can upload a picture of yourself and then “try on” different sunglasses to see which looks best. It is both fun and easy to do. My son sat next to me and giggled whenever I would “try on” another pair. I ended up choosing a black pair with rose gold hardware to match my typical wardrobe and jewelry.

If you are looking to buy authentic sunglasses from a trusted online retailer that are priced well for every budget look no further than FlashFrames! They will never sell a fake pair of sunglasses. Find the specs you need to feel stylish and confident. Inspiration for your next pair of sunglasses can come from anywhere, such as friends, celebrities, and all around the world. By using FlashFrames, you can go from being inspired to inspiring others by discovering and buying the pair of sunglasses for you. You can also find them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and on Snapchat at @GetFlashFrames. I highly recommend following them for even more inspiration!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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