How an Area Rug will complete your first home purchase?

February 6, 2019

Everyone loves to decorate their home with beautiful decorative accessories and when it comes to a New Home then you should know how to enhance the beauty of your home. A new home is just like an empty canvas which you can fill with beautiful colors and designs. A home should be comfortable with the outstanding look. Use accents which provide colors, patterns, texture and cushioning to your décor. When it comes to a comfort zone- the first thing which clicks in my mind is a handmade carpet. Handmade carpet plays a very important role in home decoration. The decoration will never be complete without placing a handmade carpet on it. A rug contains all in one feature. It means if you shop a rug for your home in perfect shape and design then you don’t need to put anything else in your room. It will complete your home decoration with its vibrant mix-match color and with cozy touch. See here to know that how a rug will complete your first home purchase-

  • Protect floor: Flooring is an expensive thing. Suppose, your house has a white marble floor then how can you protect it and cleaning an area rug from dust, mud, and spots. White marble needs more care than a normal floor or a wooden floor because if there is any spot then it will highlight from far. So, shop a large woolen area rug if you want to place it in your living room. It is a high traffic area and wool material is the best for it. Wool carpet is ideal for a high traffic area. It will protect your room floor from dust, or other unwanted particles.
  • Absorb noise: Nowadays people love to add wooden flooring in their home because it totally gives a contemporary look and is the best for a modern interior room. When anybody walks on a wooden floor, it makes noise and only a carpet contains the feature to absorb the sound. So always put a handmade carpet on your wooden floor for creating a calm atmosphere for your family.
  • Mix and Match Pattern: Handmade carpets are woven in three types of techniques – hand knotted technique, hand-tufted technique, and flat-woven technique. A hand-knotted carpet is the highest durable as compared to other carpets. Hand-knotted rugs are woven using knots by knots and inch by inch. It is woven in pure natural materials like pure silk and wool. Silk carpets are only woven in traditional techniques. It contains multi-vibrant colors like rust, blue, red, green, orange etc. It is made in ancient designs like Kashan, Hamadan, Qum, Ardabil etc. So, it will easily blend to your décor. If you want to buy a modern rug then select bold motifs, geometrical pattern carpets. A handmade carpet will give a vibrant and fresh touch to your décor.
  • Safety: Handmade carpet is an anti-slip accent. A marble floor and a wooden floor, both are slippery. So, for safety purpose, you should add handmade carpets in your home. If you have a kid or old guardians then it becomes necessary to compulsory. A handmade carpet has a cozy touch. You can use a rug pad if you want to provide a long lasting life to your carpet.
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