Why You Need A Lucky Room At Home

October 12, 2021

Positivity is not something that can appear out of the blue in your life. Positivity needs a magical spell. The good news, however, is that we already know the spell. If you want good things to happen to you, you need to surround yourself with positive affirmations. Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, most of us find it tricky to keep a positive mindset at all times.

The secret to manifesting luck into your life is to create a space at home that encourages positive thinking. In other words, the only way to attract positivity is to build it inside your routine. Are you ready to create a unique space that will lift your mood and manifest happiness inside your home? 

Which room should it be?

It is the first question to ask and the trickiest to answer. Where should your positivity room be? The answer will depend on your interior decor, your tastes, and your routine. For instance, if you work from home frequently, you can turn your home office into a lucky room. It will increase your productivity and motivation, reminding you to stay positive even when you are working on a tough project. If you have an unused nook in the hall or the living room, this could become your new favorite feel-good space. Your positivity can be as big or small you need it. What matters is how it makes you feel when you use it. 

Some of the preferred areas to create a lucky corner at home include:

  • The bedroom.
  • The living room.
  • The home office.
  • The unused space underneath the stairs.
  • The attic.

But there is no right or wrong, so do not let this list stop you from being creative. 

Select good luck charms

Good luck charms serve a double purpose. They manifest luck and happiness, such as the rare white buffalo stone, which is recognized by reiki masters for its positive properties. But they also act as a reminder, making sure you do not forget your positivity pledge. What makes a great good luck charm depends on individuals. For instance, if you are already familiar with stones and crystals in Feng Shui and Reiki practices, you will prefer a stone as a charm. However, if you love meaningful items that played a role in your life, you could keep a box with your favorite objects. It is not uncommon to have a lucky pair of socks or pen that you used when you passed an exam or met your significant other. Perhaps, you love to surround yourself with lucky charms, such as the maneki-neko (the beckoning cat statuette) or a rabbit’s foot. Your good luck charms are yours only, so pick what makes sense to you. 

Maximize natural sunlight 

Natural light transforms the space. A room bathed in natural light feels instantly warm, welcoming, and inviting. On the other hand, a dark room is gloomy, cold, and stressful. Therefore, sunlight plays a huge role in the creation of your positivity space. The better you understand how to make the most of natural light at home, the happier your space will become. Simple decor transformations can considerably enhance the atmosphere. A glass door and tall windows will let the light through, making you more likely to be open to positivity. Additionally, it is worth experimenting with furniture placement. Tall furniture can block the light passage and make a room appear unnecessary dark. 

Pick your favorite colors

Your positive space is all about you. Therefore, it needs to reflect your tastes and color psychology. Your favorite color will influence your mood and help you unlock new positive thinking. It can be helpful to be playful with colors, such as using your favorite color(s) in different shades and materials. Warm colors such as red, pink, orange, or yellow bring a hygge feeling to the space. So you can add some welcoming cushions and throws in the right shade too! If you prefer cool shades such as blue and purple, your positive space should encourage relaxation and meditation with a yoga-inspired decor. 

Create your good luck map

Last but not least, your lucky room would not be complete without visualization techniques to help manifest happiness into your life. Some people like to use inspirational quotes that motivate them to find strength and inner balance. Others prefer a more image-based approach, such as creating a mood board with pictures of all the things they want to achieve. A corkboard with photos of your family, a home, or even your dream holiday destination can be all it takes to bring happiness to life. 

Does a lucky room truly create happiness? It depends on your expectations. If you believe that you will win the lottery the moment you finish your positive corner, you will likely be disappointed. However, if you allow the positive force in the universe to find you, you will notice improvements in your mood and your perception of luck. Are you ready to build more positivity? 

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