Advantages of Mobile Phones and Applications

October 12, 2021

Mobile Phones

According to Statista, the smartphone penetration worldwide is 78.05%, i.e, 78.05 percent of the total world population is using smartphones. Makes sense. As the world entered the globalization period, faster communications became the need of the hour.

The journey of mobile phones is not much older: these were invented in 1940 for the first time. These information and communication devices are the most worked on devices in the history that have evolved, both in function and in shape, more than anything; the basic functions still being information and communication.

Smartphones have made lives easier by allowing duplex communication i.e., simultaneous two way communication, one can send and receive messages at the same time. These are always connected to the internet whether the user is using the browser or not. Anybody who owns a phone and has an internet connection, is connected to the whole world all the time. He can make purchases from anywhere around the globe and from whatever company he likes, without even using the paper money, viewing the product details laying in his bed; can view any part of the world and get information about it; can contact anybody anywhere in the world (if the required person is not the kidnapped one), see what they are up to through live video communication and enjoy their company being actually thousands of miles apart; can be a seller doing business globally, making happy clients across different countries, customizing his products according to his customer requirements; can get education from most reputed institutions, without being actually present in the classrooms, can record the lectures and view them later whenever he feels the need to, can contact his teacher, can get solutions to the course problems, get assistance in making assignments; can himself provide quality education to the people who can not afford the heavily charging institutions; can help people in financial trouble instantly; can get different languages translated for him in a couple of seconds and hence can communicate freely with the foreigners; can get his location identified by the phone and get to know the places nearby, find hotels etc. These are just a few of the many major advantages the phones provide.

Cellular network technology has evolved a lot over the time, going from 1G to 6G, increasing its capabilities of communication between different phones. The devices get updated according to these technologies with all the new capabilities and standards. The potential of these devices is growing over time and with such technologies that they attract people. Increased data transfer rates have improved the efficiency of the communication systems.


Android phones and tablets are also a source of entertainment due to the abundance of android applications available out there. You just need the right application to transform your simple mobile phone into your office, market, theater, gaming station, music composer, canvas and alot more. The only important thing is finding the perfect application for your device, but because of the large number of applications available on the store, provided for the same purpose, it gets difficult to choose which one is worth downloading. In fact it becomes more of a challenge to select the one that suits you from a catalog of 3.48 million applications on Google Playstore.

There are some applications that the user may never need, also there are applications that the user had thought he would never need, but in fact such applications can make his life better and are the ones he needed the most without even having any idea about them.

There are different categories of these applications according to their usage and the demand of the user community. But the most important are the ones that ensure your security, because in a world with increasing cyber crimes that is still struggling in cyber security, such applications are often life savers. And hence we recommend that everyone should have such applications in their phones. Applications that help you check phone number owner name and address as well are the ones that save you from random callers. You can have applications that help you track your phone if it is lost, using GPS tracking. The phones must have virus protection apps installed as well, you never know which files carry malwares and have the potential to corrupt your system.

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